YourBabyKylie live webcams for YOU!

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?, youbabygirl is back ? FUCK MACHINE ON // pvt open

One thought on “YourBabyKylie live webcams for YOU!

  1. Get them. It’s your body, you are the one getting the tattoo.

    Now unless it’s absolutely really do you’d like Bart Simpson on a starboard 10” across your stomach… then I would t get it cause you’re not 18 and that’s an 18 year old level regret tattoo.

    But anything else? GET IT!

    If he actually leaves you for a tattoo? That says more about him than anything else.

    If a person loves you, even if they don’t like something physically about you, they still love you completely irregardless of it.

    Like this guy needs therapy to go wrestle with his psychological hang ups about body art.


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