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  1. I have a friend who used to have a bf she didn’t really seem to like all that much. They were together 5 years. In that time, there were several instances when she would get drunk and make out with someone at a bar. Then tell her bf. And then he would do something to retaliate – this included hitting on and GRABBING multiple of her friends’ (including my own) breasts. And when this was brought up with her, she would try to explain that he was getting back at her as though this was okay because she started it. Your situation doesn’t parallel one to one, but it reminded me of it. It sounds super unhealthy all around, honestly (though she definitely crossed the line with the slap and the cheating, and you did not with the pictures/maybe flirting with the single girls – I can’t tell how much you actually were flirting but it sounds like maybe you were – absolutely does not warrant her reaction). What worked for my friend is that they finally broke up. She’s been with her current husband for the last seven years and has never once been involved in a similar situation with him – no cheating, no retaliation, very healthy communication and relationships between him and her friends.

  2. Please don't ask for parental permission to marry, your girlfriend is not their property, and it's not 1876.

  3. You made a mistake. You had a baby with a guy you barely knew, while he was pretending to be the man of your dreams. Unfortunately, you are seeing his true colors too late and dragged a child into this mess. He is not good for you or your baby. It's time to accept he is a loser, cut bait, and co-parent in a civil manner. He will not change. He doesn't want to. He is a horrible male role model for a little girl. And, do not move this fast again. Wait until a guy shows his true colors before you have a baby.

  4. “feeling a bit used”? Your partner is not a walking fleshlight, they shouldn't feel used at all. Relationship isn't about “but muh dick”. Grow up.


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