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Vivien (but Vivi for friends), ❤️?, 18 y.o.


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3 thoughts on “Vivien (but Vivi for friends), ❤️? the naked live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Mind if I ask you a couple questions about your experience with it?

    What, if anything, helped convince you to seek out treatment? Self reflection or did someone close to you urge you to see a professional? Would you even have been open to a loved one suggesting that, or would it have just felt like they were calling you crazy even though they had the best intentions and were only trying to help? And what kind of treatment has helped you deal with it? Like therapy, medication, refraining from drinking or maybe all of those?

    I know you mentioned how the post mimics unmedicated drunk nights for you, so I’m assuming there’s some medication involved now. I guess my question is more a question of what helped you the most, or was it a combination of all those things that ultimately helped you?

    Someone important in my life has an alcohol problem (self medicated after multiple traumatic events in her life) and exhibits many of these same behaviors, especially when drunk. I thought for a long time that it was just alcohol abuse causing these wild behavioral shifts, but lately I’ve been wondering if maybe there’s an underlying personality disorder like BPD and the alcohol just triggers it a lot of the time.

    Not trying to pry. If you’re not comfortable sharing anything that’s fine. The more I research personality disorders, the more things seem to line up that she may be dealing with BPD and her alcohol abuse is just compounding her issues.

    But I also don’t wanna act like I’m an expert because I have spent a few hours watching YouTube videos, and I’m not sure how to best approach this with her. I’m just asking for info purposes since you have experience with it so that I can be better equipped to help someone I care about to get on a better path for herself. Thanks in advance.

  2. Why is this not the top comment, perfectly stated.

    Why in the world would something only skin-deep be more important to you than the character and soul of someone you've committed to?

    How weak and flimsy is your commitment that something so harmless and arbitrary can threaten it??

    Huge indication of shallow character and major insecurity imo.


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