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  1. This is very confusing and it seems like you are fighting with the reality that there are two less than ideal options. If he will support you keeping it, but it just isn’t his preferred outcome and he would rather not have a baby, what is the problem with his reaction? It sounds like he is ultimately committed to supporting your choice

  2. If he’s this unexcited about marrying you, don’t force him. You’ve made your wishes plenty clear, but so has he.

    I think it’s time to cut your losses, you’ve reached the point where you’ve become incompatible.

    Find someone who’s genuinely excited to marry you.

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  4. Your sister is at the age where schizophrenia commonly begins to manifest. If this is what is happening, it is not something you can handle on your own. Recognize that you're going to need professional help here, and get it started sooner as opposed to later.

  5. Maybe see a therapist and try to unlock why you cannot fall in love.

    Also, has she expressed that she loves you? If so, best not to lead her on.

  6. Mmh possibly? Usually it's like “hey what are you up to?” “if you're free this day if the week, let's have some drinks” or something

  7. Do not take her back she already once broke your trust and now this is the second time she has done it you will be only a fool if you fall for it for a 3rd time

  8. I actually like them for the most part. They're not bad people when we see them every month or so they're just overbearing. I know for a fact I never want to live! with them though. It is a dealbreaker for me and I told her that and we just had a big fight with no conclusion. I just dont know at what point do I stop trying to change her mind and just accept that the relationship is now incompatible. It really sucks

  9. I know two women who sound identical to what you described. You know what they had in common? Kid in the 5-6yo range. Once the kid starts school, there’s extra free time. They get absorbed by internet.

  10. Or he doesn’t. He told me he’s been down lately. Maybe it’s not a priority to answer immediately. Maybe he’s ignoring.

    Who knows but realistically.. I’m sure you’re right. No guy I’ve liked ever chooses me. It’s not the greatest feeling.

  11. Did she give you a reason? Did something happen in the past between your female friend and you? Did something happen between your female friend and your gf?

    There are some Infos missing.

  12. You're really good at knowing everyone's intentions without ever meeting them. What judgement you place on others. Down vote away your insecurities.

  13. Christ, have a fucking spine. She lies to you and admits she’s doing what she did to get attention from other men. You want that from your long partner?

    Oh and “I want to see everyone as their inner child”. Ya, sure, let her know that if she keeps doing this that strangers “inner child” will rape her behind a dumpster. She’s either the most naive person in the world for thinking this or you are for believing her.

  14. I think it would be a good idea to think of the recipient of your joke before you tell it. Its only a joke if everyone is laughing. The thing is, you might say it isn't how you feel about him, but he didn't perceived it that way after you doubled down, and for him, actions speak louder than words.

    About the only thing you can do is admit you were childish and consider how he feels next time as opposed to yourself. I don't think bringing this up again is going to be fruitful.

    If he is never going to let it drop, though, it doesn't speak to a long term future for your relationship.

  15. I mean…you’re a stay at home person and why can’t you organize the move?

    I dunno. I’ve moved a lot within US or abroad and managed them and I don’t see why you’d need him home when you literally have nothing else to do.

  16. Even if the gf is being immature, it’s her right to not see the ex. It’s her right to not have the ex around her child. It’s her right to make those choices until her child turns 18 or becomes emancipated. It’s her right to be uncomfortable as fuck. Just because you wouldn’t be, doesn’t make her any less valid. In fact, you’re becoming less valid the more you push your opinion. Stop pushing your beliefs on others. This isn’t the advice they are here for. They can set boundaries in a healthy way without being the bad guy for not wanting her around. And holy praise him for standing up for his feelings and his girlfriends feelings. It’s fair to ask she not be at family events. It’s unfair to ask them not to be friends at all. Simple. End of story. Both sides should either be happy with this or take their damn space to be happy.

  17. Ah, another post about a guy who's such a wonderful partner, always loving and supportive and caring, but somehow also can't be bothered to make the slightest effort for something their girlfriend is constantly upset about.


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