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  1. i didn’t make her. i told her that it hurt and bothered me. i said we can talk about it and find a conclusion that we both like. but she just deleted it and refused to talk and went to bed

  2. Don't tell her how you feel, she doesn't and will never care about that.

    If she does it or something similar again, just find someone who respects you

  3. Keywords “used to be”.

    Talk to Adam… If Adam is your actual friend, then be a good friend and tell him his girl is wack

  4. Ewwww. I mean even if it's not flirting he doesn't seem like someone you want to he associating with. What a weird thing to send to a platonic acquaintance. I am guessing your friend doesn't like him texting people those things. I would not text him anymore.

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  6. If you were alone and it was at night, would you have the guts to start something without depending on your friend to back you if you got hurt?

  7. “Despite the prominence of the RST in the field, no quantitative analysis of gender differences in depressive rumination has been conducted in the adult literature.”

    Not only is that source only about depression, even it says that its not about gender differences.

  8. Have him send you a video before you meet. It's very strange that you don't know what he looks like and you need to be sure beforehand that he's not catfishing you.

  9. THIS! She expects it without asking. “You shouldn't be able to spend your money, YOU SHOULD GIVE IT TO ME!”

  10. THIS! She expects it without asking. “You shouldn't be able to spend your money, YOU SHOULD GIVE IT TO ME!”

  11. Op you care too much about what everyone else thinks. This is your and your potential child’s life that you have to consider.

    Make your decisions one at a time in order of priority. Do you want this baby? Then address your situation with your husband. Then decide if you want to continue a relationship with your child’s father. Good luck.

  12. I'm on team girlfriend.

    My husband always wanted a motorbike, and for me it was an absolute dealbreaker. There are very few occasions where I put my foot down, but this was one.

    It's NEVER about how good a rider you are, it's about the other idiots on the road who don't look, don't see you, don't leave space when passing, don't consider you when emergency braking.

    We had a good mate who was an experienced rider, rode for 20 years without an accident, then someone cut him off and emergency braked in front of him. He somersaulted over their 4WD and ended up spending a year in rehab, metal all over his body, and brain damage. He's lucky to be alive.

    Husband no longer mentions getting a bike.

  13. That type of dog needs more exercise than the two of you could ever provide. You arent providing that dog with a good life if hes in a crate all dayx that dog literally needs/wants to run all day. Yoy guys need my older staffy, she sleeps 23 hours a day. We take her for an hour walk once a day and she just passes out.


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