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  1. Call me jealous, but I'd not tolerate my girl doing these kind of antics. The moment she posts some shit like that is the moment I break up with her.

  2. it you reversed the genders and he was going into her room when she was hard and straddling her people would shout sexual predator.

  3. Is the friend of the opposite sex or are you queer in your sexual orientation?

    These two factors matter as to why he may have gotten upset.

    At the end day it's your body and you two need to communicate what constitutes “cheating” and what doesn't.

  4. Don't let your GF or other people gaslight you.

    Trust is earned, it's not given, it's not owed. You trusted her up until you realized she omitted something important that should have been mentioned. It doesn't make you lose trust completely, because you're not clear yet if she lied on purpose to cover something, but it raises questions, legitimate ones.

    Her accusing you of not trusting her is a way to deflect the blame and making the issue about your reaction instead of her behavior. If it was an honest omission because it never crossed her mind that his presence was worth mentioning, her reaction should be to realize her mistake and apologize, simply because she's sorry to have made you uncomfortable and hurting you is the last thing she wants.

    So there is a good chance the omission was intentional, and that's a big issue, because you can't know for sure why she did it. It could be because she didn't want you to be uncomfortable, or it could be because she had another intent that would be incompatible with your relationship and your boundaries.

    Now you can't be easy without figuring out what exactly went on during this trip, and it's her fault. That's why she should apologize and give you what you need to feel reassured that your trust wasn't misplaced.

    She has no right to accuse you of not trusting her when she's the one who did something that could make you doubt her motives. She was wrong, it's her burden to recover the situation, it's not yours to swallow it blindly.

  5. Just dont quite understand people who dont get satisfaction from giving their partner pleasure, seems so natural.

  6. Leave her. Date better women. Also, look in the mirror & see if you have any flaws that may have caused her to cheat. People primarily cheat when they’ve lost attraction to their boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe you gave yourself away. Maybe you got out of shape or you’re no longer as fun or exciting to be with anymore. Regardless, get rid of her, do better & be better

  7. You painted this in a wildly different light.

    Maybe just because it’s an emotional time for you.

    I fell in love when I was 23. I lived with her. She was my everything. My first love.

    She wanted to move to Detroit with her sister and I wanted to move to Phoenix.

    We split just like that, on good terms, myself still very in love.

    It took me four years to start dating again. I didn’t even have sex for four years. I was mourning a death basically. It was horrible.

    That’s why I was so passionate about this post.

    But since then I have dated a lot, never really ever felt that spark again with anyone.

    4 weeks ago I randomly met someone that gave me that feeling I haven’t felt in 13+ years now.

    I’m smitten once again in my life. Enjoying every single second with someone. Total highschool butterflies type crush.

    So although it’s hard to deal with initially, at some point everything comes back around and you’ll be fine.

    Sorry for the long winded story. I just want to let you know that things always get better as long as you don’t close yourself off.

  8. Personally, I’d nope out completely. Drop the friend and don’t respond to the husband. You didn’t want to hear about her affair and you don’t need to be a 3rd in their drama. Stay clear of all of it, the whole thing. You’ll thank me later.

  9. He’s been following Leo di Caprio. Expect to be dumped on your 25th birthday.

    Some “men” value a woman by her physical looks and age above anything else. Their brains and personality dont matter.

    He is one of them. He is a shallow arse.

  10. He’s definitely not the only problem. “How you treat me is how I’ll treat our child” is one of the most toxic things I’ve ever heard

  11. Op this may be hard to hear, but YOUR the third person in the relationship. I’d highly recommend holding off AnY wedding talk/planning until he can put down healthy boundaries and she complies. Once your married things will only get wosrse and definitely make sure you don’t end up pregnant before their enmeshment is broken. Maybe you can word it has premarital counseling, in my opinion see a professional one and not a religious one.

  12. I was completely faithful for the 4 months and during the time she visited. Just when she left again it was really hard and I'm not as strong as her …

    Wasn't worth it. I know I don't deserve her

  13. Honey- I don’t think he was joking. This situation sounds like a lower level hoarding problem. Not all hoarders are high level (like you see in the hoarding show)

    My boyfriends mother is a hoarder as well. It took me a while to realize it. He has lifelong issues learning what clean “is and isn’t” we have a son now, and my boyfriend still struggles with this.

    He’s used to a level of mess that’s unsafe for the child/ so I am CONSTANTLY picking up after myself, him, and our son plus doing all the regular maintenance chores. Things like throwing away empty cans, ripped clothes or clothes that don’t fit, throwing away expired food, throwing away his own mail….it stresses him out because he’s like ‘what if I throw away something important that looks like garbage and my gf is mad?” Because his mother would scream and berate him for throwing away garbage as a child.

    Your boyfriend may not be joking. And maybe his mother needs to cry – as messed up as that is- and throw some things away.

    Hoarder homes have DEEPER issues than the smell. So just proceed with caution

  14. She is the woman, I intend to marry someday

    Okay, but – and I say this as gently and kindly as possible – why?

    I'm honestly flabbergasted by the other responses here, as much as by hers. Do people not understand what surgical residency entails? That residents are worked so inhumanly hard that literal rules had to be put in place to ensure that residents weren't killing themselves or their patients because of the shocking and completely inhumane expectations placed on them, and that hospitals STILL use every possible loophole to try to get around that, and push residents to the absolute limit of what is allowed?

    This woman is in her late 20s and has established a career as an educator, so she is clearly educated, and yet she seems to be either so hopelessly naive, poorly informed about something that most people I know would consider common knowledge, or just plain selfish, that she is in a serious relationship with someone who is in one of the most relentlessly punishing career situations that EXISTS in the professional world and . . . she's complaining that you're not giving her enough “us time”?

    Anyone I know who is in a relationship with ANY kind of medical resident understands that “us time” is on hold for several years. And a surgical residency is the worst of the worst.

    So again, I'm sure she's very beautiful, smart, clever, etc. And absolutely, choosing a relationship with someone in their residency is terribly challenging. But if she is this fundamentally ignorant of the realities of your life, and unwilling to understand that this is something that you cannot change, then . . . why do you want to marry her? She is adding pressure at a time in your life when you are already dealing with more than most people can psychologically withstand. She doesn't sound like the right person for you at all.

  15. I have asked her if it’s okay if I do this or touch that and she’ll let me know. I’m tired of having to initiate everything and not getting the same energy back like being touched back. It’s hard talking about sex with her because I know it will hurt her feelings. I just want more sexual action/ physical intimacy is something I want and need from my partner

  16. Dating apps are for meeting ! I wouldn’t wait that long if there was a good start in the convos. You may not be ready and honor that – don’t rush but just know that people on the apps are looking for real world connections so they aren’t rushing – it’s just the next step to measuring compatibility. People can come off so differently online that it’s really the next step to see if the time chatting and getting to know one another is worth it sooner than later if the in person vibes aren’t right

  17. Imagine she’s just extra smiley around him because he puts out rapey vibes and it makes her nervous

  18. The problem is not going to get better with marriage. If this is a priority for you, which would be reasonable, you may want to look at couples therapy, or deciding if it is something you are able to online with or need to move on.

  19. Terrible advice, so she can be reminded of the death at work when she probably wants a distraction from it and focus on working (if she is working currently). Plus bringing more attention to her from coworkers could possibly make her feel worse.

  20. He is a narcissist and a gaslighter. He's only now apologizing cause you threatened with divorce. He was already sure he had you and that's why he treated you this way and was leveling you down. As soon as he realizes you were only “threatening” and aren't really willing to go through divorce, he will go back to his old ways. 30 years from now he's gonna be jobless and living off of you, forbidding you to spend your own money, forbidding you to meet your friends and family cause “they're trash”. Your kids will only visit you when he won't be around so it's gonna be like for a day every few years. They will forever resent you, maybe even they'll tell you that “it upsets us your letting him treat you this way, mom, you didn't teach me to respect myself when I was a kid cause you didn't respect yourself, cause you allowed him to treat you the way he treats you”.

    Yes I'm the kid


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