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  1. I don’t but at the same time I want to online how things used to be when she’s healthy. And I know that she is capable of being healthy.

  2. Sounds like you are traumatized – would recommend getting some professional help to deal with the trauma. Also it may be helpful to know that it’s just that – trauma – and that you are now an adult and each day you get more independent from him.

    It may be a hot road but be kind to yourself and take things slowly. You deserve your freedom and the right to live! your life the way you want to!

  3. No, but you are actually drowning yourself in the marriage by accepting someone who actively hurts you over and over.

    Toxicity will keep happening the longer you wear blinders on and re-traumatizing yourself since cheating traumatized you.

    The healthiest thing you can do is accept why you keep trying to change someone who wishes to never change.

    That in itself is why, if you haven’t noticed, are codependent Op.

    Here are some quotes from “Codependent No More” to highlight way you are doing everything from a place of codependency:

    ”Codependents are reactionaries. They overreact. They under-react. But rarely do they act. They react to the problems, pains, lives, and behaviors of others. They react to their own problems, pains, and behaviors.”

    ”Even if the most important person in your world rejects you, you are still real, and you are still okay.”

    ”We don’t have to be embarrassed if someone we love chooses to behave inappropriately.”

    ”Worrying, obsessing, and controlling are illusions. They are tricks we play on ourselves.”

    “The only person you can now or ever change is yourself. The only person that it is your business to control is yourself.”

    ”Detaching does not mean we don’t care. It means we learn to love, care, and be involved without going crazy.”

    ”The formula is simple: In any given situation, detach and ask, “What do I need to do to take care of myself?”

  4. Please do. You’ll absolutely find a guy who loves every part of you. They’re out there, just gotta keep fishing! And I don’t know your height and all that but I am 5’1 with A cups… it just works. You don’t need “big” boobs. Your body is what it is and tbh, I have a bf but you’re naked. You do you but I would definitely dump him. Not just for the comment, but for the things he tells friends. It’s weird and gross. You’ll find a guy who brags with honesty about your beauty etc in good ways. Time to take out the trash

  5. Affection is the physical manifestation of love. It’s the little things that show you still care. It doesn’t have to be physical in the sense of touching one another. Simple things like saying good night, have a good day at work, telling each other that they love each other or making a dish you know the other partner likes. If there is no affection the relationship is either dead or on life support. If she didn’t even notice that he stopped giving her physical affection for 3 weeks, something is desperately wrong and needs to be addressed to the strongest way possible. She’s acting as if he doesn’t matter to her, he needs to find out why and ASAP.

  6. If he's in a subreddit for meeting up with local people to have sex he's at least trying to cheat on you.


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