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  1. Listen man, guys (and sometimes girls too) can be terrible and this type of stuff does happen, but it doesn't happen to most people to the extent that they are groped and kissed regularly just walking down the street. I know it's not good to say stuff like this, but either she is doing something or not doing something that most other girls do and that is causing her to be victimized far beyond average; or something else is going on. Either way you don't deserve to expose yourself to a relationship where you have to accept this kind of stuff happening to your partner. Dump her and find someone who isn't getting into these kind of situations, not because she's doing anything wrong, but because you deserve to be happy and need to put yourself first

  2. What the commenter said is dead on. You can't be friends with him. I would tell who he is in a relationship with and then block him.

  3. Explain to him his hygiene or lack of is killing your sex drive. Then stop going downtown. Stop all sexy time. If he asks why… Tell him you’re not going to put up with him stinking out loud anymore.

    It’s on his balks, his hands, face, and you will never tolerate the stank on you.


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