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4 thoughts on “Tarawilsonn online webcams for YOU!

  1. i never really liked searching for anyone. i liked it to happen naturally. im afraid its never gonna happen in that way ever again.

    i cant feel anything through live dating because theres no connection of any sort in terms of where i know them from. its just an app. i could never feel any feelings even if the person is interested given that the main goal is to see if we are compatible or not and that again just turns me off and adds pressure

  2. Ah. I’m sorry girl – unfortunately there’s not really a cure for jealously. You’ve just gotta decide what kind of person you want to be.

    Do you want to be relaxed, happy, confident and secure? Or bitter, repetitive, upset and unreasonable? If it’s the first set of characteristics then fake it til you make it.

  3. So you’re willing to waste your life because this man will never admit he’s wrong? Interesting strategy. Do you not actually have any plans on living your life to the fullest?

  4. OP, this was not cheating in any way and I hope you know that now. All the comments saying you were sexual assaulted are 100% accurate. Please tell your gf and get her “friend” out of that place ASAP.


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