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  1. I agree with a lot of your experience, but would also note that the goal is not always to completely eliminate the use of medication when working with depression (not just “personality disorders”). Those like me with chronic, recurring depression often take medications life long to keep us functioning. Sometimes the “underlying issue” relates to deficiencies in the movement of neurotransmitters in the brain, which all the therapy in the world can't resolve; the gap in our brain's ability to properly communicate is bridged by medication. Just like a diabetic, we need medication to keep our bodies operating properly.

    Whether or not medication will be a temporary measure will depend on a variety of factors including genetics/family history, history of depressive incidents, response to meds, etc. Ongoing use of medication is a decision that should be made between the individual and their doctor and is not something that should be assumed or expected by outside parties.

  2. I feel the same way about this whole date debate, but Sally's anger towards my bf feels like this huge mountain I can't seem to climb. There was always going to be a second proposal- the ring pop was this mega campy thing we talked about bc we're two dorks. However, the actual plan of the engagement was that I was going to be surprised with all of our friends and he'd do the proposal with the real ring before we head off to dinner to celebrate Sally's birthday.

    Our friends couldn't make the trip (they on-line an hour away from our house, and the track is an hour from our house the other way) so he thought of doing the ring pop thing and finalizing our engagement – while celebrating our relationship throughout – on a later date when he could get all of our friends together in a more convenient spot.

    At this point, we're calling each other fiance and fiancee (?), but only 8 people know and we have not made an official announcement. I thought that maybe it could've been a win-win for the both of them to work together and make amends.

    I have not received the ring I'll be wearing for the rest of our lives together yet.

  3. I just looked at the post and he has heavily edited it since I first commented. There is a LOT of new information that wasn't present initially. I'm not forming an opinion on the new info either way, and her behavior is still abusive; just clarifying that the post was not nearly as detailed last night.

  4. I backpacked through South America alone for four months as a woman an didn't get assaulted once so fuck that.

  5. Haha my bad I thought a vagrant is someone who always lives with someone else. I had my own house which I lived with my fiancé of 7 years until she cheated on me. Then I sold that and lived with someone until we broke up. Then I lived with a buddy and then another buddy and then some chick and then current gf. So I’ve always been like bouncing around cuz I hate being alone

  6. You can make a note on the invitations – In lieu gifts please make a donation to a certain cause or even a food pantry.

  7. Thank you, nice to hear it’s not just me that was that stupid. Here’s to never making the same mistake!


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