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  1. A singular hair is not good evidence. And it probably has a very unsatisfactory explanation, like “A coworker's hair fell on your shirt the other day” or “Our kid's classmates's mom had a black hair that got transferred to our kid while playing”

    If you truly did not cheat (and while I don't think you are lying, this is the internet and all), then the answer is probably really underwhelming and unlikely to be conclusive. The best you can do is be completely transparent. Do not delete any messages or conversations. Show her anything and everything she asks for. Offer to setup a ring cam at every door so she can see every time you leave or have someone over.

  2. This is your body and you’re producing the baby you have in the room who you’re comfortable with. His needs are not the necessary ones at this time. I don’t know how old this man is but you need to stand up and tell him that only people that you’re comfortable with will be in that room. And if he needs that much emotional support, perhaps he should not be there. He doesn’t know, but I do because my husband was present as he will be so excited and deleted and grossed out, he will not need support.

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  4. Except I had this exact fight with my husband at year 3. And I hid my farts for those 3 years.. Now married 14 years and it’s resolved.

  5. She mentioned somewhere that she pays 50% in taxes. That is very high and indicates very high income. She also mentioned child support as something that wouldn't affect her lifestyle regardless of how high it is set. Right now she isn't paying because he hasn't been asking, but she sounded happy to pay as long as she didn't have to see him or the baby ever again. And the less contact she has with the baby, the higher the child support. I think he is being a fool and missing an opportunity here.

  6. It sounds like your dad and sister are struggling with mental health issues, and are not caring for themselves.

    I see in your post that you are also in therapy and taking meds. You need to prioritize your health, and take care of yourself first. Sometimes that means limiting contact with people who are toxic to you.

    Your brother is also realizing how toxic this situation is – he is going to limit contact because he has a child to protect. That's a pretty clear sign that it's not just you that sees the problems in your family.

    Prioritize yourself here. Go low contact, or no contact, if that helps you to stay healthy. It doesn't mean you don't love your family: it just means you love yourself enough to put yourself first.

    Best of luck to you.

  7. “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that regardless of what happened, I really appreciate you all. Perhaps down the road we can have a series of conversations that are slowly paced out. But I'd really like to celebrate my birthday with everyone. This time I'll bring the cake.”

  8. I wish I was aware of this with my abusive ex but I'm glad I am now atleast. It really messed me up and confused the crap out of me though!

  9. Widow here. You are SO not ready to be in a relationship. You're using this poor woman as an emotional crutch. The cookie outburst is a prime example of how you haven't learned to handle the loss. You won't forget about your wife or “get over” the loss but you need to learn to process & manage those feelings. For example, a healthy way to deal with this would be to feel that pang of liss when you see your daughter making cookies with your GF, acknowledge it and the sadness that your wife & daughter won't do that anymore, understand that life moves on, and just … breathe. Not flip out & decree no one can ever make cookies with your daughter and feeling all this guilt for moving on. You need therapy.

  10. There is an in between that you have to figure out. It's part of dating and relationships. Basically don't be too intense with someone you haven't met yet. And even after meeting try to play it cool. You won't have to try so naked when you meet the right person

  11. We don't online together. We've taken a few short trips and one longer one. They went well overall.

    He definitely struggles with listening. I point it out occasionally when I'm talking and realize he's not paying attention. He says, “I'm just letting you talk.” I have pointed out several times that this is not the equivalent of listening.

    He recently took me out for my birthday. To a Mexican restaurant (my least favorite cuisine) and gave me red roses (my least favorite flower). Both of these are things I have already told him I dislike. I 100% appreciate the gesture and him celebrating me, but I don't feel heard.

  12. Jesus.. this.. known my husband for 12 years and been married for 2. He nor I don't speak to each other this way.

    And how the hell does it hurt him.. that he didn't care enough to get you something? At this point it's not about the gift. He sounds manipulative and emotionally abusive. He shouldn't ever be yelling at you!

    OP you are very young… you deserve better than this dude. He's already acting this way while you two are living with your parents what is he gonna do when you two online alone? How much worse is it going to be then?

    This isn't how a marriage works.

  13. You can DNA test the fetus. It may not be born yet but yiu can use the mother's blood. The biggest hurtle you'll have is getting her permission.

    But, to your question, for a baby to be Born in July, even Late Term OP, she would have had to conceive around mid to late October.

    Yiu and her need to talk.

  14. First of all grow a spine. If you get told to not bring your girlfriend and you refuse to go under those circumstances it's not you who ruins the ride for the other guys not your friend who demands something like that from you last minute. Also you're not the one ruining a 15 year old friendship, he is. You didn't demand something like this and you didn't lie to justify said demands.

    You're only enabling him and his girlfriend to act like assholes to avoid conflict which is inevitable. The choice you have to make is who will have the conflict. Your friend and his girlfriend, you and your friend or you and your girlfriend.

  15. She was never your friend. Never. A friendship doesn't work like that, it's about mutual support, that she never gave you, and both reaching out to each other, that she just doesn't do, and sharing experiences together, that she's not interested in sharing with you. She kept you around because you do things for her, it was always convenient to her to have you around while she had to do nothing at all. Just block her number. And seek therapy, so you can find out why do you let people to treat you like this and how to have healthy friendships in the future


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