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16 thoughts on “Shaantall online sex chats for YOU!

  1. I don’t think this is that bad. As some have sad, some guys are pushy so giving something that’s not special like IG, is a replacement for the number. If her IG has a lot of pictures of you and her together, it helps enforce the “I’ve got a boyfriend and am not interested” picture as well.

  2. I think a lot of the younger generation (I’m sure there’s some in other generations, but there’s a bit of a trend going on) where “consent” has really turned into this big scary word. I think a lot of guys worry about being accused of rape, without fully looking at the stats of how many get accused versus how many get raped. That mixed with a politically correct background and the whole internet to understand mental disorders… I personally think has changed the views of consent. I don’t think they have it all wrong, it’s all in good faith and everyone wants everyone safe first and foremost. Yet, I still feel like there’s huge gaps in communication. It’s not so black and white, and grey areas can be healthy if FULLY DISCUSSED. (I emphasize so people realize that it still IS consent)

  3. My ex texted cheated on me and ended up marrying the guy. Hadn’t spoke a word to her in six years until she randomly texted me and said “just wanted to say I’m sorry for everything”. I responded “I’m good. I think we both ended up better off”. She didn’t reply and that was the end of it. That was three years ago. Haven’t spoke to her since.

  4. I understand your concern with how others perceive you and your relationship. It's important to set the record straight, but it sounds like doing so could cause a bit of tension in your friendship with the common friend. That said, I think it is worth taking a step back and examining why this makes you feel insecure or uncomfortable about their opinion of your relationship. Is there anything that stands out as an underlying issue between you and your GF?

    Rather than focusing on trying to convince any third party that one point of view is right or wrong, I suggest talking directly with your partner first-hand. Instead of jumping defensively into an argument over each other's versions, open up communication by sharing what you heard and explain why it made you feel uncomfortable–you don't have to accuse her of intentionally twisting conversations negatively! After hearing both perspectives at face value, discuss together what needs improvement in order for the two of you to move forward building a stronger connection off trust & honesty.

  5. I mean, if the company has rules regarding fraternization among employees and that is being broken, they can be held liable, at least that’s the case in some US states, so if I were OP I’d inform the company and let them figure out what’s cheaper for them – be sued or sack the cheaters. “Alienation of affection” is grounds for a lawsuit in several US states as well as some other countries. Google it if you want to check.

  6. But on the other hand I feel guilty for ending something that he was enjoying

    The problem is, YOU didn't enjoy it anymore. Even if you feel you overreacted, why do you wanna continue something casual that's not satisfying to you anymore? It isn't your job to please him. You don't owe him that. And if you want to discontinue your arrangement for whatever reason, that's perfectly valid.

  7. Let her go! She wants kids. You don’t want kids. No comparable.

    Do yourself a favor— take a break from dating. Think about what you want. Kids or no. No wait. Once you know what you want, you can go back to dating and tell what you decide.

  8. If you told her how your friends new girlfriend had the biggest breasts he’s ever seen and next time you see them you know already you’re going to stare at her chest…your girl would be screaming bloody murder

    It’s not what I would have done but your response is understandable

  9. Not everything is an abuse tactic. He sounds like bozo who might be a genuinely nice and romantic dude. But not worth the effort.

  10. I wouldn’t be shocked if they’ve been seeing either other a long time now and don’t just date for whatever reason.

    one story I heard a guy introduced OP to a girl he was already sleeping with and kept sleeping with her.

    never found out the reason why but people can be weird and there’s definitely something weird going on here.

  11. Firstly, I'm sorry for your loss. You need counselling right now. Not advice from a bunch of idiots on the internet, which includes me.

    But this is the internet, so I'll be blunt

    So many people, my fiancé and my mum, said it was morbid and creepy and I was making a happy, joyous occasion all about me and my grief

    It is creepy and morbid. I can't seriously believe that you were considering bringing a morbid reminder of death down the isle with you when you were intending on getting married. What many people consider 'The best/happiest day of your life' was going to be overshadowed by the morbid, bleak, reminder of your still born daughter. All because you communicated terribly what you're true intentions were for the day.

    they didn't realise that I have/had a bouquet because I hadn't thought to mentioned before because I didn't think I needed to because I thought it would be obvious.

    At no point did you tell anyone you planned on bringing a bouquet with you. You only said you were walking down the isle with your dead daughters dress. You didn't think that maybe he didn't want to be reminded, immediately as you arrive on the alter, of his dead daughter? You didn't think. You're still mourning.

    In my opinion this relationship is probably over. You communicate terribly. You ran away from the wedding that was planned since 2017. And you do not sound ok.

    I'm so sorry for everything.


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