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5 thoughts on “SexySofiax live sex cams for YOU!

  1. Please do. You’ll absolutely find a guy who loves every part of you. They’re out there, just gotta keep fishing! And I don’t know your height and all that but I am 5’1 with A cups… it just works. You don’t need “big” boobs. Your body is what it is and tbh, I have a bf but you’re naked. You do you but I would definitely dump him. Not just for the comment, but for the things he tells friends. It’s weird and gross. You’ll find a guy who brags with honesty about your beauty etc in good ways. Time to take out the trash

  2. If he was a reasonable guy I would say before but he sounds like he is going to go scorched earth and you have already tried to have constructive conversations with him. I might have a conversation with him like this is the last chance to make changes. But have the lawyer drawing papers in the mean time. Or just get the paperwork and give it to him the day you move out.

  3. OP, this was not cheating in any way and I hope you know that now. All the comments saying you were sexual assaulted are 100% accurate. Please tell your gf and get her “friend” out of that place ASAP.

  4. You are correct, I am still trying to work on my people pleasing problem, it comes from childhood trauma. I asked him the same and he said he wouldn't mind at all


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