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  1. What’s the issue? ?‍♀️ Why do you care about him having his phone in his pocket? Are you wanting to snoop through it or something?

    I (44F) have my phone on me unless I’m showering, swimming, or sleeping and even then, it’s nearby on a charger.

  2. This man has realized that he didn’t under stand you, how you communicate, what your needs are emotionally or physically. He may have felt this earlier in the relationship and ignored it, but with age comes experience not necessarily wisdom, and experience said that being apart may have been the way to go. Look up understanding your partner, there will be some needed self reflection but it may help. Take the opportunity to grow and learn! You’re still young and life will go on. Remember no contact will help you heal.

  3. This is tricky. Would you say you’re close at all? It sort of sounds like it but also maybe not at the same time. Lol. Perhaps you socialize often enough but not exactly with deep conversations and emotions. I would try and make an opportunity to bring up your lack of a desire for a relationship. Perhaps while she brings up her past relationships. I say something like, “yeah, I’m definitely not missing out on that. Haha. I’m so happy to be single.” And if she’s a girl with a crush she’ll try to pry that statement open more with, “well relationships can be good…I miss the company…when relationships are good their great…don’t you want one?…intimacy is rewarding…” or some sort of statement to attempt to make you reconsider, back down from your statement or back track. That’s when you stand your ground. “Honestly, I’m happy single. I have a fulfilling career, have a loving family and am enjoying my time alone. I don’t have any desire for a relationship and don’t feel like I’m missing out. More power to people who are in relationships and I wish the best of luck to people looking for one but that’s just nothing I’m interested in anytime soon.” That’s a clear sign that you’re not on the market and if she has half a clue she’ll start backing off. Also, I’d start encouraging her to talk to some girlfriends about the ex. Maybe make a comment about how you wish you had more advice or helpful words and you’re sure her other friends might have more to add to the conversation or something. She needs to be treating you as a friend, not an emotional caretaker, and for a girl recovering from a breakup and seeking male attention, confiding in you and receiving her primary emotional comfort from you will only strengthen any interest or feelings she might have.

  4. You're foolish to keep making excuses for his behavior, you can wait around until it becomes fists if want to but that would be extremely foolish..I understand that just leaving right away may be nude to do but you really should look into finding a way out..Find a job and save up because if you don't become independent of everyone else you're always going to keep accepting their bad behavior towards you.

  5. It’s not about how much you did weigh, how much you currently weigh, when/if you started losing… it’s about the fact that you spouse has not been supportive of you as you worked on the ROOT of the problem of your issue with food. He was supposed to be with you for better or for worse. You’re trying to better yourself, not by just losing weight, but by getting to the heart of your problem so that you can make significant life changes. Because of that approach, you will most likely be more successful in your inevitable weight loss. The life change you need to consider making next is forgetting about this weight obsessed, unsupportive loser and finding a genuine partner who will love the person that you are (inside and out).

  6. Your sister is fucking crazy and your parents are enabling her. She needs consequences and your shitty parents aren't giving them to her, so someone else will have to. Don't be am idiot. Next person may not fare so well against her.

  7. He’s manipulating you and physically abusive. Tell your friends and family before ending it. Tell them he was physical and willing to self harm. Cut contact on all social media. Even file a police report.

  8. A very long time ago, I cheated on my first boyfriend. I consider it the worst thing I've ever done and have felt guilty since. I've never hidden it from boyfriends since, and when I met my current partner we discussed bad things we'd done early on, and I said #1 the worst thing I ever did was cheat on my boyfriend and here's why I did it (I was young, emotionally broken, stupid and selfish), and here's why I'd never do it again.

    I can see it's a breach of trust with your sister, but as others have said, if she wasn't going to do it, being honest about it was important. It also didn't sound like she was waiting to tell him – and hiding something like cheating from your partner I think isn't part of healthy relationship communication. Especially after a year together.

  9. If my partner allowed someone of the opposite sex (or the same sex, if that was their thing) to spend the night at their house alone, I'd dump them on the spot, especially if it was with someone who clearly is trying to get in the way of your relationship. That's so disrespectful to you directly, and your relationship it's crazy. Her drunkenness is a moot point: Uber is a thing. Let her have him. Sounds like they deserve each other.

  10. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    GF has been struggling with tonsil issues for the last few years, and this last week got bad enough for her to go get seen by an ENT. As we expected, they told her she needs to get her tonsils removed.

    I have had a trip planned out of the country with my best friend for over 2 months. Plane tickets bought, hotels reserved, suba training done and paid for, time off work approved… I haven't had a vacation in years and have been really looking forward to this.

    But when my GF was given dates for the surgery, she chose to get it done the day I was planning to leave, even though they had a bunch of other open dates available that wouldn't impact my trip.

    Kicker is she doesn't like my best friend and has resented the fact I'm going on vaca with him. When she booked the surgery, she sarcastically goes “Guess you don't get to go on your trip now” like it made her happy and I genuinely think she did it on purpose.

    I feel like we could have communicated about the logistics of all this so that my trip wouldn't be impacted. I obviously want to be there for her and help her recover and take care of her, but feel like there was just a complete disregard for me and no consideration of plans I had.

    Trying to understand if I'm a D bag if I go on this trip (her mom offered to come help take care of her if needed), or if she is in the wrong for purposely booking this when she knew it would affect the trip when she could have waited.


    TLDR: GF booked a surgery the same week I had planned to go on vaca and is telling me I have to cancel my trip to take care of her.

    Edit: I appreciate everyone's interaction with this post! Thanks for all your views and insights, love to see different perspectives on things and see some great points made. Never thought it would get this much traction! To clarify a few things…

    We have been dating 5 months The trip has been PLANNED for 2 months, the actual trip is only for a week She has never met my friend or spoken with him. Her views are strictly based on some old stories I told her of us in college 10+ years ago and some of the dumb shit we did. It's history…

    AND…. Drum roll… We are breaking up. Shit sucks, I wish this was all different but I'm thinking it's for the best. She is standing her ground that I cancel the trip or she is out. I'm almost relieved, not because I get to go on my trip unencumbered, but because I think I just saw some of her true colors. None of us are perfect, myself most definitely included. But take away the infatuation of this new relationship… We need different things.

    Everything happens for a reason!

  11. He spends time with me often and prioritizes spending quality time. He does try to prioritize what I need. But there are some days where there is no verbal or physical affection

  12. Here, here! CC your manager in any convos with this person. @ing other people’s bosses is surprisingly effective.

  13. You've only known him for 3 months you do not have to give him your history. Let me tell you what's going to happen if you tell him he's going to tell everybody in your office and then he's going to kick your ass to the curb sorry to be harsh but that's what's going to happen everybody in the office is going to be looking at you as if you're a w**** and then you will lose your job. If only one other person in the world knows what you have been doing leave it alone you don't have to be totally honest with somebody who you've only known for 3 months.

  14. Sit down and have a discussion with him, don't do it in passing or in a rush actually set time aside for it so he knows it is something you are taking seriously. Make sure he knows you aren't taking cheap shots at him rather you are genuinely concerned because as much as you care for him his lack of hygiene is putting a strain on your relationship and your own personal health. Hopefully it's the kick he needs and he listens and accepts help however be prepared for it to go the other way. At the end of the day you need to say something because this is obviously a deal breaker and it seems he is reluctant to change without a push.

  15. I would assume they also want to date for something serious

    No, you assumed everyone is dating to find a partner. I don’t assume anything, I tell everyone up front that I don’t want anything serious if I don’t.

    You are backtracking. I commented and said I would not tell someone on the first or second or maybe even third date and you disagreed. Now you’re saying it’s some vague “some point in time,” which it is. That decision is solely up to me. There is no nude and fast rule about when I have to. I will do it when I feel comfortable doing it.

  16. You are in a no win situation. Personally, I think it sucks he would do this knowing how you feel. That said, I am sure many disagree with me, say he should go. They may well be right.

    Your feelings are valid.

  17. Good grief I hate to think what your wife would think about what I get up to with my male colleagues! Sometimes we even have lunch outside the office!

  18. Are you serious? You've only been dating for 3 months, and he has already:

    reacted negatively to the fact that you obviously have a past involving other people invaded your privacy called you names proven incapable of communicating calmly and respectfully like the adult he supposedly is ghosted you

    Yes, yes, all of this behaviour and all of this drama will most likely continue if you decide to stay with him.

  19. I try to be ok with out her. But then something will remind me of her brief, time together and it will be undone and I’m just a broken faucet. She was just one in a lifetime encounter and I will miss her always.


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