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  1. I asked Carla if she wouldn’t mind opting out of bathing while I was in the bath and she said “No”. She also called me transphobic for not wanting her their. The hotel and the trip has always been a dream for me to go there. I initially wanted a solo trip but asked friends to come. It’s been played for months. Carla was added the week before I’m going

  2. Sounds like you are traumatized – would recommend getting some professional help to deal with the trauma. Also it may be helpful to know that it’s just that – trauma – and that you are now an adult and each day you get more independent from him.

    It may be a hot road but be kind to yourself and take things slowly. You deserve your freedom and the right to live! your life the way you want to!

  3. Your girlfriend needs to know her friend is a rapist.

    If she can't support you after her friend assaulted you, if she lets that woman continue living with the two of you, this is not a relationship you want to be in.

    You were in your own home, in your own bed, and a woman you have repeatedly rejected performed unwanted sexual acts on you. That is not your fault, you were supposed to be safe there.

    Either your girlfriend kicks out the rapist, and sports you in your healing, or this is the beginning of the end of this relationship.

    Because how are you supposed to feel safe sleeping there if she supports your attacker and lets her keep living there?


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