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  1. Yeh I truly thought we could end up being friends but there’s too often mention of the past, unresolved feelings and grief which keep getting mentioned, and it taints the past and just makes me feel bad so it might be best for me to move on, thanks for your help

  2. Maybe twice a month for mornings but it's a lot more of a problem if I need to call her about plans or when our general important information that needs to be relayed asap

  3. So it's fine if he kills someone, as long as he gets your permission first? I wouldn't date someone who drove drunk, or considered that acceptable behavior. I wouldn't be friends with them. I wouldn't associate with them. The fact that you're willing to overlook this should tell you something ugly and upsetting about yourself.

  4. I’m actually less concerned about the text and more concerned about the fact that you harping on it so much. He sounds like a mature adult, who is wishing someone he was once close to well on her new life.

  5. The advice is stop using long stories to justify yourself being a shithead.

    This person is feeding your ego.

    You letting this happen reveals the shit inside you.

    Please show your girlfriend your post and this response so that she may lead the life she deserves.

  6. Actually, it sounds like he’s using that against her. Also, what if the months match up now so she no longer “owes” her.

    He seems to be using that time she was unemployed but actively trying to find work as a means to take advantage of her now or like a tit for tat. She’s been paying 100% for months now so I would say they are even. She asked him for 50% which, she has a reasonable request, she wants to help her sick mom. Not to mention, the percentage of her income that the bills are. It is 1000% not the same.

    She should just move out and focus her efforts at home.

  7. Clearly you haven’t played. There are at least 4 locker rooms at each rink (barring some rare exceptions) if for no other reason, two teams arrive and change while the other two are still on the ice.

    Some newer rinks have a designated woman’s locker room, but the two I play at now don’t. One has locker rooms so small people end up changing in the lobby, men and women.

    It is what it is, the hockey community is small and passionate in most US cities. It’s absolute normal for women to change with the rest of the team, what’s creepy would be to sexualize it.

    Are some men uncomfortable? Maybe, but fuck them, everyone should be able to participate on the same level. Some men are uncomfortable playing with women, that’s their issue, same as if they are worried about her being in the locker room.

    Also, some rinks have showers between the locker rooms, so some people will go in there for the balls out part.

    It’s also only a couple seconds, you aren’t just hanging out very hot (though I played with a Finnish guy who like to take a chair into the shower and have a team hang for an hour or so), it’s just boxers off, jock on.

  8. If you have to “hint” about condoms either you’re not ready for sex or you don’t feel you can set boundaries with this particular person. Either way, maybe you shouldn’t be shagging him?

  9. Neither of you did something wrong in keeping the pictures. You forgot you had them. He had a picture that's not exactly sexual by your description and his, and might be the only picture of his old bedroom.

    It's not great that he showed you the picture, but that's not the issue you asked about.

    I feel like this is the difference between swimsuit pictures taken to show off someone's body and swimsuit pictures taken because you were on vacation. If I were talking to him, I'd say that he's forfeited the right to insist on deleting the pictures.

    In your position, I probably would delete the pictures I still had. They're not sentimental, you literally forgot about them. I'd also ask how his last relationship ended. If he has happy memories and no desire to get back together, that's not a problem. If it sounds like he does want to get together again, that's a problem and deleting the picture would not be a solution.

  10. As others have pointed out it cannot be yours due to the date you last had sex with her and she knows it as she would have menstruated at least once but she she wants to stick you with the baby. She is against taking a paternity test now for obvious reasons and she will keep delaying until the baby is born. If she can convince you to sign the birth certificate you’re on the hook for support payment even if a paternity test proves the baby is not yours.

  11. Get it to go. You guys can still eat together, you still get your wheaty goodness, and she doesn't go without.

  12. The post has been up for 3 hours and you’re clearly not reaching these hoards of people you’re targeting.

    4 bloody months. I live! in London, it’s be been wet and cold since September. We get sun for about 3 weeks during what is apparently Summer. We are currently going through a massive cost of living crisis where everything is absurdly expensive that even those on a good income are struggling to get by in the most expensive city in the UK. Our government is a shit show.

    You’ve known this dude for 4 months. You probably barely know him, you’ll most likely regret it. But it’s your life. Do whatever you want.

  13. Cherry on the cake is for you to learn she fucks the roommate friend as well.

    Tbh this is ground for breaking up, what are you? Utility? She wants to live! free then she doesn't and finally she does but forgets to tell you about it. You should have her on the lease as well, probs would have triggered the communication earlier because she knows she would have been locked then and what she didn't want to happen to her she let happen to you…

  14. Oh my god I would go insane. I desperately need alone time, especially at the end of the day. He’s got some attachment issues

  15. I was one of those once, cold, wet and hungry. We even went to the wrong campsite originally and it took us a while to figure that out (yes, there was alcohol involved.) We didn’t have any of the right stuff for camping or for the activities, because the invite said just show up. Luckily, they eventually took pity on us.

  16. He sounds like a psycho and clearly doesn’t care about you, just exchange laptops and have nothing to do with him after that.


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