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  1. I would be more angry with my partner for not letting me know they lost their wedding ring, than them not wearing one. I know people who lost their wedding ring, and not replacing it, and having a very good marriage.

    Then there are some people that do still have their wedding ring, but don't like the feeling of a ring, and wear it on a necklace instead, as a pendant.

    IMO it's not about wearing a ring, but your attitude towards your partner. You can be a very loving, supportive, and invested spouse without a ring. And you can also be a terrible, lousy one while wearing a ring.

    The bigger issue here IMO is that you have problems trusting your husbands intentions, and you thinking negatively of him. This could very well be because he gave you reason for it, and not your fault, but it is an issue just as much. Not trying to point fingers or laying blame here. It seems to be that this should be the focus of improving your relationship, not whether you two are wearing wedding rings…. best of luck to you!


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