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4 thoughts on “Pretty-babes live sex chats for YOU!

  1. Nope. Big fat nope. Rpe is rpe no matter how anyone tries to spin it. Both parties have to consent, marriage or not.

    I wouldn't stick around with this dude hon. Red flags are a waving.

  2. This sounds so exhausting. Are these “standards” really very, very important to you? More important than the person you love and are in a relationship with? More important than your connection, the fun you have together etc.? Then maybe you two aren't a good match, since he doesn't do the things you want him to do exactly the way you want them done by him. (No judgment here – that's your decision, obviously).

    Does he do things to show you his love (not in your way, arts and crafts and gifts), but in his way? Is that a way you can appreciate and enjoy? Or does he always have to do the things you want him to do, when you want him to do them (- and those are not things he does on his own, which to me feels just not like an enjoyable way to exchange acts of kindness). A gift is a gift and not a coupon that has to be repayed in the same way by the recipient. It makes me kind of sad that receiving your gifts made him so sad, because he knows you better than we do, and he knew you didn't really give them as pure gifts (in the full sense, which is not expecting a very specific thing in exchange). If you are not okay with not being repayed immediately, I'd say maybe don't give that gift.

    You have to decide how important your expectations/choreography for Valentine's day is to you. And if it is really, really important to you, than maybe you should find a better actor/partner for your choreography/plans. Because this guy doesn't follow your instructions word by word (…and therefore doesn't have what it takes to be your boyfriend).

    Which to me personally makes this whole thing a bit pointless/confusing, because he doesn't genuinely do those things anyways. This way all you find out is whether or not he followed your instructions perfectly. That would not feel like a genuine thing to me at all. And therefore would not be relevant to me. I'd much prefer to find out how my specific partner shows their love, not how obedient they are while following my very specific instructions.

    Again: really no judgment here – I just feel very different about these kind of rituals. Which absolutely does not mean your way of looking at it is wrong. It's just different to my perspective, and really confusing to me. 🙂

  3. Take the L and walk away, she’s too shallow to be capable of a real relationship. Let social media have her, since it’s more of a priority to her than you, dude.


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