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  1. You gotta deal with your own anxiety. Don't put that on your boyfriend. He has not given you any reason to think he will cheat. Don't let your own anxiety add stress to the relationship

  2. I'm interested in the words you used to describe emotional intimacy, saying it “disgusts” you. Have you been diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder? I'm curious, as this is probably the most definitive symptom of the disorder. Give it a look and see if it resonates, if so, a therapist might be able to help you cope with interpersonal relationships.

  3. It takes longer with a partner, more than a few minutes. It can take 20-60 minutes and that is fine. Read “she comes first” nice book Buy a satisfyer or even a normal vibrator to use on her clit while you work onbthe inside.

    It can be done but you need to persevere

  4. Anger is not actually an emotion, it is a front for other emotions. One could argue that by refusing to entertain the possibility there is a God is actually ‘keeping your head in the sand’ because you are not open to all possibilities but relying only on what you can see and prove. There is lots in science that could not be seen or proven previously. Lucky for you some scientists still sought what they didn’t understand. It is very close minded to believe because you can’t understand something or prove something it therefore doesn’t exist. We are limited beings. I have found that most people who don’t believe in God have done so because they have experienced religions that have shown hate, rejection or fanaticism. No religion can fully encompass what God is. And people are imperfect and oftentimes misguided. It’s easy to write of God based on others. It’s much harder to have introspection, search your heart and soul and listen quietly. God isn’t a tyrannical being trying to control us. But to deny that we are all connected and part of something much greater than ourselves denies the very nature of our existence.

  5. I… Am not going back and forth with someone who lacks reading comprehension and the ability to digest new information.

    Good day!

  6. If I were your wife, I would be terrified about your dad successful manipulating you into allowing him access to your kids. I’d never be able to fully trust that you wouldn’t cave one day or insist your dad had “changed.”

    The other comments are right. He hasn’t changed. You’re just too old now. Your sisters kids are in danger.

  7. He never owns up. Which also means he doesn't take responsibility for his choices.

    Which also means not saying sorry or admitting when he does things?

    Do you ever feel invalidated? Gaslit?

    I am sorry that you didn't find out sooner that he was cheating.

    I hope you have support.

    You do not need any evidence to leave. You can go just because you need to leave.

  8. I haven’t thought about that, but it sounds like an interesting idea. Honestly, I want to find something that would be pleasurable for both, her and me. I also don’t want to pressure her.

  9. What a douche. He doesn't get to claim exclusivity if he doesn't want a real relationship. You cannot have boyfriend privileges without boyfriend responsibilities.

    Tell him unless he actually wants a real relationship with someone he's sleeping with, he doesn't get to be upset that they are in fact sleeping with other people.

  10. i do too! i dont know why but every time i decide to block i feel sad and guilty.

    its like i love torturing myself… my therapist would tell me this..

    the reason i left this therapist was because she ended up telling me i complain too much i soon left.

    or when i wanted to work out she would ask me why change and to love myself…. i felt horrible lol

  11. that is super sketchy. I would recommend getting a vasectomy but it sound like you do actually want kids one day. Try pulling out for a while and see how she reacts.

  12. Tell her now so she knows she's with someone who's making poor decisions based on a willfully bad understanding of science and she can date someone who wants to live! in the 21st century and be healthy. Honestly, I can't believe this is still a thing with some people, it's absurd.

  13. You have your evidence.. Like you said, you don't wanna being a kid into this world with such negativity close by… that should also mean the mother. You are her atm. Do better and drop her cheating butt. There is nothing to go back to, and if you can't trust her, then dump her.

  14. Woooowww this is a privileged take. It’s great that you and everyone you are able to live! in a safer space but that’s not the case for everyone, including obviously OP.

    You’re basically telling OP – whether you realize it or not – that his gf should be upset for being taken around his family whose party she asked to go to…which realistically likely equates to saying “don’t take her to places where everyone is poorer than her.”

  15. It may very well be a “huge difference” as 1 vs 50 (or however many) but the act is still the same; fucking for money. That is the part that is relevant. Trying to downplay it based on a numbers game is disingenuous. The issue isn't how many, the issue is what you're doing with them

  16. Reading comprehension is not hard, but you apparently still struggle with it because you totally misstated my position.

    You said it’s moral because you’re doing it without their knowledge so it’s not harming them.

    NO. Bad Redditor. I did not say that at all. What I said was this:

    You do not need somebody's consent to do something that literally has no impact on them whatsoever.

    My reasoning is based on the impact (or lack thereof) that an action has on someone. Never did I say that a lack of knowledge implies a lack of harm. That would be a ridiculous thing to say, and it's ridiculous that that's what you drew from my (clearly stated, one-sentence) comment.

    Got anything else? I can do this all day.

  17. I guess just a lot of self awareness and self soothing. I also was in therapy for a bit last year and it just got too expensive. It’s also gotten a lot better since they used to be so much worse.

    I just have a hard time figuring out if I’m genuinely asking for too much. I don’t think I am because when I remove my emotion out of it, it just seems that I am not a priority. I don’t think asking to spend more time with each other instead of his friends is too much? I don’t think that is a want due to my attachment issues.

  18. He isn't there for you. You have a lot on your plate. Take care of yourself and your family emergencies. As for your BF, move on.

  19. Only my opinion, but I do think it will be something that comes between you at some point. He’s maybe hopeful that you’ll change your mind at some point. If he’s already disclosed previously it’s a deal breaker, then it sounds as if he’s tying to pacify you because he loves you. If he loves kids that much, and you’re adamant that you never want them, is it fair to expect him to give that up? Sorry OP, but you both want different things by the sounds of it.


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