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  1. Who's the friend you're taking instead? I wonder if she'd rather you take her sister if your friend is a woman and your gf is insecure or whatever.

  2. As usual, you have invested when she has warned you not to. And you have all of these reasons, most of all expecting her to change. I hope you are right, but you would do well to look at this at face value and believe what she tells you. I see a world of hurt ahead of you.

  3. I can see where u might want to level field with Mil but too risky. How will husband now handle your mom. ? Hostility ? Too risky

  4. Just, talk to him about it? You're worried about him, might as well bring it up to him. Maybe passively ask how he's been doing in terms of his studies? Just be honest with him about it

  5. I dont think this guy is interested anymore? The distancing and stuff is a big example also he could possibley be insecure making him asks these questions and making his answer to you lower than his own ratings to make himself feel better, also dont let his “rating” of you get to you.

  6. I do very much agree about there being way too much fog still, but not listening to words and only considering gestures was the fatal flaw of my last relationship.

    Indeed I don't have any reason to rush, which is why I was so surprised when she said what she said already on the fourth date.

  7. Your bf is taking the piss, and so is your dad for making a jackass comment like that. I ask my husband when he’ll be home all the time, and we have our own cars. It’s simple; I’m not setting a curfew, I’m planning my own day. I want to prep dinner before he gets home so we’re not waiting till 8-9pm to eat. I want to know when I can hand over my baby so I can do some of the extra hands-on chores that are difficult when I’m home alone with her. I want to know when I should be worried if he doesn’t show up because it’s snowy outside and accidents are super frequent. I want to know because I freaking love him and want to know when I’ll see him again. It’s not an interrogation, it’s part of being in a partnership. We lived together for 6 years before we got married and nothing has changed. If he’s going to use your car, that’s appalling behavior. You might need your car. You have stuff going on too. You have a boyfriend problem, and frankly, your dad needs to butt the hell out too.

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  9. My husband proposed in our living room with no ring. Would something more been nicer? Sure but it's certainly not a hill I would be willing to die on. Today we've been together over 10 years and have so many beautiful memories together that neither of us give a damn how the proposal happened and only that it happened and where we ended up from it.

    Real life isn't Pinterest, Instagram or whatever else.

  10. Yeah I don't know what would've happened. The thing is I know she had feelings as well so I don't know.

  11. She sounds super amazing other than the fact that she cheated, can’t get a job in a super hard economy, and deals with either depression or bipolar.

    Other than those massive red flags, she’s amazing.

  12. Ooof. All you had to do was say you didn’t feel like cooking for someone because of the tension and you would be getting skewered right now. No one can fault you for not wanting to do something nice for someone you are fighting with, but saying you wanted to punish someone makes you vindictive

  13. Then I don't see the problem in telling your BF and letting him know you have no interest in taking her up on the offer.

    Honesty is always the best choice. Imagine if he found out some other way that you once had an offer like that and he didn't know about it until he heard it from someone else?

  14. So some people take the wedding party as just their closest people. If you aren’t close to your SIL but the other one is that is why. Your brother could’ve had you on his side. For whatever reason he didn’t.

    Take a few steps back. You aren’t close to her so I would readjust how you approach this relationship now. Maintain closeness with your brother and be nice to the SIL. You don’t have to be best friends so match her energy.

    Also I’ve never been wedding dress shopping where the fSIL was invited so I don’t think it’s as common.

  15. Why won’t he apologize???

    Better question: why haven’t you left?

    Your husband is dangerous and abusive.

    Make a plan and get the fuck out.

  16. As a 23 year old with not much experience in this area, I don't want to advice something silly, especially with everyone else doing a good job at it.

    So I'll just thank you for the wholesome post amidst all the crap I see other people suffering through here. Thank you.

  17. “in love”


    Lmaoooo yeah sure OP, almost had us..get back to your homework kiddo

  18. Your girlfriend is 100% right. And it's baffling to me that you think she's the problem here.

    You don't need relationship advice. You need a therapist.

  19. He has his roommate to help him, if you think he's actually going to do something then you can ring help for him. As harsh as it sounds he's not your problem in the long term, staying with him is just continue to continue to hurt you and he won't change.


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