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  1. Thanks OP. I guess I'm still concerned that he's taking advantage of you. He can't pay a few hundred dollars a month? HMmm :/

  2. Yes i did because this whole comment section is bashing him when his feelings are understandable. And again im pretty sure if the roles were reversed the comments would be different.

  3. Ask him if he likes children cause if you are fully shaved constantly then your body resembles that of a child. Also he has no right to tell you what to do with your body this is not about respect. And if he wants you to shave daily tell him to also shave a part of his body and see how he reacts. Being a man or woman has nothing to do about the bodyhair you have and also doesn’t entitle you to have more or less.

  4. I honestly wouldn’t mind being with someone who has HIV as I’m familiar with the virus. However, they would have to allow me to come to their doctor appointments to hear they’re undetectable , we’d take our medication at the same time for support but if I found out they never told me as in her case? That’s totally unacceptable. It’s wrong to take that decision away from someone.

  5. OP, “is it worth losing my therapist over.” Is a concerning statement. You are not in a relationship with your therapist. You won't lose them, you will lose yourself and hope for your future. Your therapist will discontinue services not because they don't like you or your partner but because it's not fair to charge you money or spend time trying to stop the bleeding on your left leg while you are actively sawing your right leg off yourself.

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  7. thank you for this reply. thank you for not attacking me like most did, and calmly and clearly explaining yourself. i agree with most of what you said, i now see that i'm the problem and i want to work on myself. for me, and for my relationship. i don't think that breaking up is a solution right now, maybe i will consider asking for a break. either way, i'm realizing how much i'm hurting him and i want to fix that

  8. ”Hanging out and talking to her has been an amazing experience. Having dated other girls after the fact none of them truly clicked with me as well as her.”

    In 6 years he hasn’t had a stronger connection. He shouldn’t let pride make him step on his dick.

  9. You should also take into consideration of future complications outside of your friendship.

    Say you two kiss, then transition into FWB or date for a bit, only to later decide going back to being friends.

    Now, you meet someone new and they come to learn that you have dated/slept with your best-friend of opposite sex. On average, most would avoid someone who has a sexual history with their bestfriend. It makes for a messy situation and is easy to develop trust issues.

    If you were to go through with something like this, I wouldn't do it on a whim. I'd be sure of your decision and have genuine feelings for him. Make an honest attempt to date each-other.

  10. What is your ethical issue with adoption? Just curious. I feel more the opposite… I feel like I have an ethical issue with creating a new life when there are lots of kids out there that need a home and are being ignored.

  11. It’s funny because yesterday there was a post in here with a girl saying she was uncomfortable with her boyfriend watching hentai/porn and the comments were telling her to grow up and let him online a little because everyone does it and it’s none of her business what he thinks of. Which is all fine and I agree generally but you can’t clamp down on one faction and permit the other for the same behaviors. If everyone’s allowed to “live a little” then it should mean everyone.

  12. You are way too old to be acting like this bro.

    “You can't online without her”. What are you 14? Get a grip my man. She doesn't want you romantically. You crossed a big line and she told you so.

    The second you caught feelings for her she stopped being your friend. The way you feel now has ruined your friendship.

    It's sad because she trusted you talking about her life and problems and you took that and developed feelings. She thought you were her friend.

  13. I think that's for the best, because it sounds like the two of you are incompatible. Best of luck. Take everything that you learned from this relationship to improve your communication for the next relationship. And never let your anger get to the point of calling names or cursing your partner out.

  14. You know what? Do the both of yourselves a favor and go your separate ways. I'm sure that you're a good communicator, letting him know constantly that he's not living up to your expectations. He sounds like the kind of guy who will listen and earnestly and desperately try to chase that white rabbit in a fruitless effort to figure out why you're always feeling unhappy and unfulfilled with him. End it. You need to somehow figure your own shit out before you break his heart into a million pieces by finding someone else “who gets you”, cheating on him, leaving him, and gas lighting him for having been the problem.

    I've been in his shoes, and it's a horrible feeling.

  15. Ahh that makes sense/fits with the way he communicates. Hmm. Will bring it up on Monday regardless and say though I love his sense of humour, it made me uncomfortable.

  16. Hate to be your partner and got sick. Please make sur3 you tell them this is what you will do to them if they get sick. My guess is you won't have the courage to do that.

  17. Yeah, I don’t know. She said something about how she cleaned the house for me yesterday so this was the least I could do and it was ridiculous that I didn’t want to give a hour of my time to her. Like my priorities weren’t straight

  18. I'm sick of this. Seriously sick of this. She has a higher paying job than me. I don't feel loved. I feel used. I'm done with getting given out to all the time.

    You're not obligated to date this person. Shoot her a breakup text. She doesn't deserve anything more.

  19. I WISH I could make the changes you have!!! If my partner did I would like to think I'd be super supportive of all of their new hobbies and interests. He either needs to respect and support your very positive changes or get out of the way.

  20. So yall are stupid enough to fuck without a condom or birth control?

    Neither of you should be having sex.

  21. They are not married. They are partners. They do need to come to some type of agreement about how to sort the house.

  22. i do coke recreationally a lot more often than your gf but not enough for it to be a legitimate problem. i’ve had partners that worried about it, which is valid bc the risk of it being laced is a major gamble and for the potential of dependency/ addiction. i’ve also had partners who didn’t care and did it as well.

    what i can say is, A LOT more ppl do coke than you think. it’s probably the most common party drug (i guess depending where you online) but you are allowed to feel whatever way you want about it. have you told her it makes you anxious? i’m sure she would want to ease your mind so it might be worth further discussion.

  23. Yeah, I do agree that sometimes feelings just happen and same with attraction, I was mostly just hurt about the lying. I would’ve been okay if she just told me she liked him and wanted to go for it, but all of the lying was just a lot and made me question our friendship which is where I’m struggling to be happy for her now


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