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  1. He feels the same as me he feels bad but she drives him crazy. But as soon as we get in the car to go anywhere he will also ask should we invite your mom so maybe he feels a bit me more bad for her then I do

  2. I wouldn’t trust her with the baby alone.She’s having some sort of breakdown and is delusional. Most likely ppd related .She needs professional help ASAP by any means necessary at this point.

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  4. If the idea of her being connected to this guy on social bothers you, you may consider asking her why she wants to keep up with a guy who she had a bad experience and never wanted to see again. She probably will see your point.

  5. What an exhausting read. She's abusive and gas lighting you to make you seem the abusive one.

    Sometimes trees need to be pruned in order to grow.

  6. Then stop bitching he got ass before you , make up your mind what you want . You’re complaining about his body count before you but a guy with no body count is a creep?

  7. OP, I know you don't wanna hear this. But you seem to be giving your husband a lot of confusing signals. I mean, if you believe him, thrn it sounds like you are coming on to him pretty nude, and let's say he turned you down… and you clocked him or did something equally stupid, and then the next day, you wake up and have no recollection of what happened. Just sounds like a slippery freaking slope where Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde shows up to the party. Switch the meds or sleep in another room with your door locked if it bothers you that much. Or hell, ask him to video tape so you know what he has to deal with ifnhe is telling the truth.

  8. With all due respect OP, you’re kind of the bad guy here. I would want a partner that had this healthy of a relationship with their parent..

  9. I was married to someone similar. I left that marriage a shell of a person. Biggest lesson I learned: don't light yourself on fire to keep othes warm. I left him about 6 years ago, I check in a couple times a year and he has not changed. People like him and your BF… the chances of change are slim. He will (unintentionally or not) keep dragging you down with him and it's ok to want to save yourself.

  10. I feel like we’re missing some context. Did OP say to this woman that he wasn’t interested in pursuing a relationship? Did he just ghost her? I’m assuming since she emailed, he likely blocked her. Not that it excuses the bizarreness, but I would understand it if that was the case.

  11. IMHO this sounds more like insecurity to me. It seems like wants to get back together, somehow found out that you’re talking to other people, and is telling herself it will hurt less than your rejection if she rejects you first. I get the frustration about it seeming like a threat, but if you set that aside and read between the lines a little bit I’m sure she is feeling insecure and scared so she lashed out a little bit.

  12. Unless you're willing to change, you're going to need to find someone willing to live with the limitations you have. Your ex isn't that person.

    I think you're going to have a really naked time finding someone who can on-line without kissing. Most people would probably have trouble not sharing plates, as well. Utensils, otoh, are a more reasonable line. Not everyone will like it, but I think you'll be fine if you need to keep that boundary. The rest I'd suggest working on.

  13. Sure you can have a bad day, but dealing with it being grumpy for a bit or making a snarky comment is something different from demanding anal sex (or anything on that route). If this is what my SO would voice to me on a bad day all red flags would’ve gone up. It comes with the personality.

  14. She needs to deal with her own issues instead of taking it out on you for petty things. She's not currently able to be in a healthy relationship. You're not doing anything wrong, not can you change her outlook.

  15. Nudity isn't inherently sexual. If there's nothing sexual going on and she's comfortable in her skin and with her friends, it's not much of an issue. I'm not trying to invalidate your feelings, but it is her body and if she's not being unfaithful I'm not sure there's really any wrong doing here. Definitely talk about it more, but use your “I” statements so she doesn't feel attacked.

  16. Decreased hygiene: She showers about once a week on average and leaves the toilet unflushed regularly in the morning. There is no intimacy, and when there is, it feels forced. She does not initiate, does not agree to any of my suggestions, and rushes through it.

    Just that part is enough for you to be out the door

  17. It's only a joke if everyone is laughing. Maybe look at your mode of communication and see if being sarcastic and 'silly' is worth causing upset to those around you.

  18. Either way, our situation is coming to an end as I’m moving across the country. He did mention if he was able to move, he would have liked to come with me and that he plans on visiting me as soon as he can. The relationship discussion we had started when he found out I was having sex with other men and I told him, I would only be monogamous in a committed relationship. He wanted to go on dates and see if we clicked. And while we did click we both said our lives were too hectic for anything serious.

  19. I swear I’m not trying to make it about ages…. But at 18 I was immature like that. Overly jealous, analyzing things that didn’t need to be analyzed, reading into signs that weren’t there.

    Just accept that he has a past, it is over, and it has nothing to do with you and your future. Unless he is pining after her, there’s no reason to put any significance to what he didn’t delete off of Facebook… which not a lot of people our age (I’m also 24) even use regularly anymore since everyone’s parents got on it lol

  20. Back when I was unmarried, I once met a girl at a party who had a ring on her left ring finger. We were chatting and she held that hand up and told me that she wore the ring to discourage guys from hitting on her.

    She was pretty and attractive so I was contemplating asking for her number. I mean, why tell me about her ring not being real if she wasn’t attracted to me?

    A little while later she told me she was moving to Colorado in a couple of weeks. I decided not to ask for her number once I heard that. She seemed interested in me at first but I’m not gonna pursue you if you are planning to move 2,000 miles away.

  21. While I completely agree with you, it is not that surprising that an asexual person has a different experience and feelings around sex. So for them clearly it is not the source of connection and intimacy as it would be for you or me. Heck there are probably a lot of sexual people who still don't feel that connection and intimacy through the act, or at least not always. So that's why they don't “understand” that this may not be a feasible arrangement long term, they simply don't feel the same quality to sex, which is of course fine and I certainly wouldn't call it selfish just because their experience is different. And it may well be feasible, we don't know how OP feels about sex and he certainly is up for trying to make it work.

  22. While I completely agree with you, it is not that surprising that an asexual person has a different experience and feelings around sex. So for them clearly it is not the source of connection and intimacy as it would be for you or me. Heck there are probably a lot of sexual people who still don't feel that connection and intimacy through the act, or at least not always. So that's why they don't “understand” that this may not be a feasible arrangement long term, they simply don't feel the same quality to sex, which is of course fine and I certainly wouldn't call it selfish just because their experience is different. And it may well be feasible, we don't know how OP feels about sex and he certainly is up for trying to make it work.

  23. In the day to day what do you do for her? What does she do for you? Do you have an issue with doing things for her?

    Someone who feels they are never treated special may do things to try to get that. She might see this as a huge red flag of someone who's never going to do anything for her or make her feel special.

    All that said this is just a one-off. I wouldn't put any weight on it unless it's a part of a trend of events.

  24. I would say she is overpowered with sadness and that she is choosing to be alone and studying more often rather than spend some time me.

    She does this with animals. When she is sad with something else, friends, exams etc, she discloses that and I try to comfort her.

    Her dog was attacked, he’s not even 2 years old, small size, beagle, and attacked by a larger dog that is known to be bad and roam free.

    But she’s sad a lot from a lot of things I would say. It’s been her default setting for a while but I don’t see any signs of depression. I’ve looked for them. It’s just the way she is. And Instagram/ ads algorithm doesn’t help at all

  25. Sometimes this happens :/ it happened on one of my posts before too where I was looking for advice and I couldn’t see anything others left.

  26. I couldn’t be with someone who did this, he cheated on his wife with 150 different women? Cast aside that it was with sex workers, he CHEATED WITH 150 WOMEN. I wouldn’t want to be with someone who cheated on their spouse with 1 person let alone 150.

  27. LMFAO what are these comments??? Buddy she is taking these pictures for a guy. I have a nice butt and I don't even take pictures for myself. Please investigate. This is sketchy AF. She is definitely trying to send nudes

  28. Maybe relay the story to the dance teacher, like “oh my daughter said the funniest thing….” And see her reaction too

  29. Shit. I'm so so so sorry. When you can, get a burner phone, text your mom that:

    “This is the last time we ever talk, if you come anywhere close to me without supervision, I'm calling the cops, and telling them EVERYTHING. You have one son left, make what's right for him, because you can't have me, sis or the other brothers back. ”

    In regards to your mother, document everything, lock credit, SSN and all that down, and have your brothers and sis do the same.

  30. DO NOT try and pressure him into rolling with this ‘Tee-hee! A cute little mini-us!’ fantasy of yours. Wanna know what happens all too often when you do that? Check out r/regretfulparents instead of trying to bank on ‘It’ll be different because it’s your own’

    Regardless of his reasons, not wanting kids is a perfectly valid stance. Give his feelings the same respect you feel entitled to from him. You’ve got no more business trying to twist his arm on this than he would pushing you into an unwanted abortion.

    Plus, genetics are bonkers and you can’t guarantee the kid will look like either of you (read: sufficiently resemble an allegedly fertility-challenged father who didn’t want them to begin with and would already be doubting paternity). No kid deserves that burden, especially not just because the other parent was selfishly desperate for a mini-them. No amount of material comfort cancels out the knowledge that your own parent sees you as less-than literally because they don’t like your face or just plain hadn’t wanted you to exist.

    I would say only keep an abortion to yourself if you have reason to believe he could become volatile over it. Nothing wrong with abortion IF you decide to go that route for whatever reason (and yes I read your whole post; just covering all bases here) … but it’s not the kind of thing you should go through without support. Likewise, if you fear aggression re: the pregnancy because he doesn’t want it to proceed. If you can’t discuss these things with him, you shouldn’t be trying to have a baby with him.

  31. You’d be amazed! I once had a family that was just a nude mess. Mom had 8 kids, no idea how many dads, and lost them all to the state at different times. The last few were taken when she allowed her 14 year old daughter to move her 24 year old bf into the home. The state got involved bc the 14 year old got pregnant. There were also 6 year old twins in the home. They all got taken away and all the mom was concerned with was that she was so excited to be a grandmother. Even during her supervised visits she cared more about introducing her own boyfriend if the week and couldn’t understand why I kept saying he couldn’t come along.

  32. ⬆️⬆️⬆️ when a person looks you in the eye and tells you who they are, take it at face value and move on.

  33. …..are you sure he is 32?

    Sometimes when someone is getting annoyed at something so ridiculously stupid like this, something else is bothering them. Could be something to do with you or could be an outside stressor.

  34. Attraction for women is more mental than physical. Usually the best way to get them in the mood more is to spoil them a bit and see if that changes anything.

  35. One way to see if he's interested in you is to look for signs of flirting, such as compliments, playful teasing, or extended eye contact. However, keep in mind that some people may naturally be more friendly or touchy-feely, so don't read too much into every gesture.

    If you want to take things further, you could try subtly flirting back, such as making eye contact, smiling, or finding excuses to touch him (such as lightly touching his arm or shoulder during a conversation). However, make sure to read his body language and verbal cues to see if he's reciprocating or if he seems uncomfortable.

    If you feel confident enough, you could also try asking him out on a date or suggesting a more romantic activity, such as going to a concert or having a picnic. Just be prepared for the possibility of rejection and make sure to respect his answer and boundaries.

    Remember, the most important thing is to communicate openly and honestly with each other to avoid misunderstandings or hurt feelings. Good luck!

  36. You both may need a break after the argument. Give him some time.

    However, depending on how intense it was, your behavior may have totally turned him off. Some adults tend to throw temper tantrums, say the absolute worst, or break things during anger. Its not one, a person wants to deal with.

  37. Whats funny about that is I am making more than him too. We equally contribute financially, and I try to make him contribute in the home equally, though I still do most of the cleaning and child care. He does most of the cooking but only because I am home for 30mins before running off to take a kid to a sports event. Part of his change recently has been helping me take the kids around but of course it's always met with complaint or comment. He makes me feel like I'm over dramatic and just wanting too much, like nothing he does is good enough, and I get to believing him

  38. perhaps GF was very unhappy with all the workload as a stay at home mom as well as frequent absences.

    The broad context can be as crucial as the personal factors

  39. Overall insecurity is something I’ve been dealing with, we’ve discussed it as well in marriage therapy. It’s something I’ve always struggled with. That’s one of the main things I’m working on is my confidence and not showing insecurity within our relationship. Thought I was doing well until that moment. Textbook over-thinker

  40. I was gonna say, aside from him being unjustified in calling names or demanding she go instead when it's not her turn, there are ways around this issue entirely if it's a recurring issue. Why not just cough up the ten bucks and get a grocery delivery? The two of you aren't paying rent, $10 is worth the peace at home to me.

  41. If his wife hadn't slept with very many people and OP knew all about them, it would throw him off guard if there was someone she hadn't bothered to tell him about there photographing the wedding. I'm just speculating though.

  42. As this is a situation I was in many times cause as I mentioned I was one of the oldest in a big family, I can assure you we had plenty of instances of the kids drawing on walls and none about them getting into the toilet bin You’re talking about what could happen if kids exist in a house with a toilet bin, I’m talking about what actually happens when kids exist in a house with a toilet bin

  43. It wouldn't be “a connection” if it was innocent. It would be you're fun to hang with, or talk to, or you're a good buddy. Connection is dabbling with an affair.

  44. Two red ??: 1) Doesn't wanna tell you who the source of info is and 2) Doesn't seem to have asked that person if he/she has evidence against you and instead is blindly suspicious of you

  45. Thank you, I think you’re right. I shouldn’t depend on one person for everything. I’m working on myself.

  46. Why is your husband looking for pretty girls at all? I'm not concerned that you aren't telling him to take his ass back to his hotel room.


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