My(F24) husband(M30) took things too far in sex and hurt me . He’s acting more aggressive since I got pregnant

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I’m currently 6 months pregnant with our first child and my husband has been acting pretty strange since I got pregnant . He’s been more protective about me around the others but he himself is now super aggressive to me (or maybe i’ve been too emotional idk) . Our sexual life has been alright even with all the changes that happened in me and my body . I can see he loves me and is still sexuall attracted to me . He always tells me how he loves my pregnant body and how he appreciates me carrying his child . But last night things got a bit messy . We were making love and things were normal until i felt he’s being a bit aggressive . I told him to slow down and be more careful about me and our baby but he started doing stuff that we had NEVER ever done in sex before . I’ve never been a fan of BDSM and rough stuff and he has never been into those stuff too and we were always just doing slow and romantic things . But last night he was doing things that actually scared me and hurt me physically . He grabbed my neck and squeezed it so much that i couldn’t breathe at all and felt like i was throwing up . He also did some other stuff like calling me disgusting names , doing aggressive moves and although i literally begged him to slow down and stop , he didn’t pay attention and just kept doing what he did . My whole body hurts right now and i feel so bad about myself . I hope i’m not overreacting cause i know i’m too sensitive these days but i wish i knew why has he changed so much . I haven’t seen him since then , he’s at work and i’ve been home alone . But how should i discuss this with him? I don’t know how to approach it without making him mad

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