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  1. Reduced inhibitions may have allowed “that” to come to the surface or maybe you got a little extra something in a drink.

    Dial back the partying for a bit – no drinking, et al- until you figure it out.

    be careful & good luck

  2. This is 100% the reason. Most men feel an innate responsibility to provide for their family and be the protectors and leaders. In his mind, he can't “commit” to you if he has no solid plan to provide for and protect you long term.

  3. Well, if the answer never changes, it shouldn't be draining. It's the same, “yes, I woukdnt rather be with anyone else” which if this is how you feel then you shouldn't have a problem saying it. Ik I don't. It's the truth and I don't mind saying it several times a day if I need

  4. Do what you need without caring. I had fun with mine, telling others “If you think that looks bad, you should've seen the other guy.”

    People get hurt. It's life. I'm sorry you got hurt in both ways, and she didn't really want to be in this part of life.

  5. There's no good way to bring this up. All you can do is toss the idea out there and see what her reaction is.


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