Miss_Diamond_ live! webcams for YOU!

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SQUIRT / CUMSHOW – My Special Things – 103 , 303 , 503 , 1003 [3065 tokens remaining]

3 thoughts on “Miss_Diamond_ live! webcams for YOU!

  1. So he got to see one other woman's body. You sound like you're 18 and to blow it up as if it's been a decade long affair is ridiculous.

  2. A choice also be a mistake. It’s really up to her to decide if it’s “ok”..as in something they can work through.

    Unacceptable..yes. Would I forgive? No. But it each their own. My bet would be that this wasn’t a one off.

  3. So you care for him like his mommy by cooking and doing his laundry and then he emotional manipulates you by icing you out if you don’t put out.

    Why are you with this guy? This is not acceptable. You should not be his bang maid.


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