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5 thoughts on “Mishellxy live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. This sounds exactly how to not have a fulfilling longterm relationship because at some point in any relationship there will be a conflict between what you say you need and what your SO needs.

    A partner should also help someone become a better person. That can not happen if the requirement is that all things that are stated as “needs” need to listened to, followed, and never judged at all. If your partner can't say, “Hey, this thing you want is problematic” and you can't listen to that pushback, it's a problem.

    There are so many AITA and relationship posts where the ask is simply unreasonable…..

  2. Did she give you a specific date to come, and confirm those dates worked for her? Or was it more of a casual, “You should come visit me sometime!”. It sounds like she may be having second thoughts, or maybe she is attached.

    Best thing to do is probably call her on the phone. If she doesn't answer, then just leave her a voicemail saying, “Look, I can see you may be having second thoughts about meeting again. That's ok. Just please let me know and I can cancel my trip. It's no big deal.”

    Otherwise, if you can't cancel, see if you can get a buddy to go too and then just tour around.


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