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  1. Didn't you literally say in your post that the first time he did this he didn't even have a passcode on his phone?! Him leaving it around you unlocked is obviously not an indicator that he's changed at all. On top of that, OF COURSE he's not gonna let you catch him the same way twice. All you did was show him that next time he needs to be more cautious. This man changed the name of his affair partner to his cousins name after you confronted him. You don't think he's sneaky enough to use password protected folders on his phone for all his icky jerk off pics?! It wouldn't show up in his images because he got better at hiding it. WAKE UP! Cheaters rarely ever change and if you have this much anxiety in your relationship and you'll NEVER trust him again why are you putting yourself through this? You're “fighting for your marriage”, but is he? Obviously not if he's not reassuring you every chance he gets that he would NEVER hurt you like that again. Please take the advice of others because you clearly don't have an objective view on it.

  2. I’ll try talking to him about it like this when I see him later today, hopefully explaining it this way will help.


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