Michellangels on-line webcams for YOU!

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5 thoughts on “Michellangels on-line webcams for YOU!

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  2. Maybe she’s PRETENDED to be a great girlfriend because all she really cares about is how things look. At this point it seems like it’s getting very hot to tell what’s real and what exists for her social media addiction.

  3. I’ve always stuck by the saying “love is a choice, not a feeling.” 16 years with your best friend is a lot to throw away without even discussing it first.

    In my current relationship, there have been plenty of times where we got in a rut or started feeling distant. All it took was a deep conversation, maybe some therapy, maybe a couple nights dedicated to rekindling that bond. In the end, we have always chosen each other.

    After a certain amount of time together, anyone will grow apart. That’s just how relationships work, and it won’t be any different with anyone else. Unless there are genuine big issues and irreconcilable differences, it’s something you can talk about and possibly even work through together. It’s just a matter of whether you choose to do so or not.

  4. Well, I don’t think I would date them anymore. Is dating is where you try people out to see if you can have a partnership with them and I certainly wouldn’t want to start the beginning of a relationship or a life with two left feet. I probably would just gradually back away and then let her go.

  5. Right now my future husband is pre-cheating on me and we haven't met yet. How dare he!

    (Of course I'm pre-cheating on him too.)


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