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  1. Why do you hate them? Are they not nice people or something? Are they flirty with your boyfriend? Do they put people down? I know you say you are jealous of them, but are there actual reasons you can point to in their behavior that makes you dislike them?

    Otherwise, could you see yourself being friends with them?

    Maybe if you tried to befriend them yourself, your perception of them might change for the better, because you'd just see them as your own friends as well rather than threats?

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  3. So proud of you for standing your for you and your child!!

    My two cents, bravo for the boundaries you put in place. I suspect life will be much less stressful without your husband and his circus monkeys around. You might even decide it’s a better life without a vengeful manchild in it. But the choice can now be made on your terms ♥️

  4. Imagine how he would react to this if he was alive, the mans own fucking brother, you know the answer to this.

    Distance, do not talk to this person actively and break your unhealthy ass trauma bond.

  5. For real. He's just not into it. Plenty of women aren't into guys who are fat, have beards, tattoos, piercings etc. This guy isn't into girls with facial piercings. Nothing wrong with that, she just has to either ditch the piercing or find a guy who's into it if she wants to keep it.

  6. She's not wrong to worry since it's pretty common for older guys to target younger women thinking they'll be more malleable than women their own age. So prove to her that you're not that guy. Actually listen when she speaks. Ask her opinion and don't argue about it when she gives it to you. Don't pressure her. Don't pay for everything. In short, treat her like your equal and maybe she'll recognize that you're not some svengali looking for a pliable sex slave.

  7. He's concerned about your emotional connection to male co workers. Maybe not totally irrational given the history.

  8. What are u trying to overcome? That he seems to be having an emotional affair? P.s. my ex husband left me for his co worker.

  9. Listen. Do not give an opinion unless you ask.

    Just practice active listening- you pay attention, hear what she says, give her validation and stop fixing what you weren't asked to fix.

  10. Ugh I know :/ but jealous of what??? I’m so confused. I was legit busy with my uncle loading his truck and said I’d call back and he starts dating these are games I’m playing

  11. If you do feel the need to tell him, do not do it in a way that invites his opinion. You found out you are pregnant. You are not ready to be a mom. You have decided to terminate. You hope he can support your decision. If you want to be transparent with him great, but he doesn't get a say in the outcome.


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