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  1. No having a degree doesn't matter as long as you have a good job. University is a scam and I'd probably think more highly of someone doesn't have student debt but that's just my opinion. And if anyone thinks that not having a degree means you are dumb and uneducated, trust me you don't want to date that kind of person.

  2. Ironically, my bf got jealous that a friend of mine got me something for my bday. Afterwards he asked me stuff about what I wanted and all. I was like wtf, why does he start planning now.

    I don't even need expensive things. I just want him to make an effort to get me something. The thought and effort he put into it matters to me more than the price of it.

  3. That is sad, she didn't want marriage, because of failed marriages in her family. Later she got confident she can trust you and so she wanted to be your wife. Nothing strange here, it's very hot to even call it changing of mind on the topic itself. You have clearly made her believe she can actually have a happy marriage despite what she has seen in her family.

    It is sad, because right now your relationshi might fall apart, because of that.

  4. Makes me happy to read that!

    My now husband and I moved in together after 2 months of dating. We got married 5 days after our one year anniversary. We are still going strong, but only in Year 2 so far!

    Some friends and family thought we were crazy, but others understood – when you know you found The One, you just know!

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  6. Break up with him now. Its not fair to just be with him because you don't have many friends and string him along. Maybe you guys can stay friends or come back to friendship once you've both had some time away from each other.

  7. That's what I've been telling myself. This whole night is weird but having my own freedom and my own will back is needed.

  8. And, then when you do, you'll see her trying to slip in to be ever so comforting to his 'heartache' over the breakup.

  9. Are you serious?

    She doesn't love you or know how to love anyone.

    You don't just get over losing someone to suicide.

    Brother, leave her.

  10. An extreme over reaction to a situation that is disappointing at best. From an actual wife/live-in roommate: If you love and care about each other you will work WITH each other. This is a partnership held together by love. That means you can sleep apart, do your own laundry, eat separately, like completely different things but come together to meet your common goals. For example, you dream of a forever home in the mountains and your work together for that.

    A loving partner would have been disappointed, maybe aggravated, to come home and find out they are now doing their own laundry, but they don’t react like your man did. They react like mine: good, now I don’t have to worry about fabric softener on my socks and underwear, lol. In other words, they make the best of the situation and try to find the humor.

  11. Girl…what about ANY of that seems innocent to you? You need to protect yourself not your 50 year old boss. At the very least tell him to stop doing things that make you uncomfortable. He will feign ignorance and innocence. Don't act like you're sorry for putting him out or let his act make you feel bad. Stay firm. This is so far beyond the limits of a professional relationship it's not even funny.

  12. Thank you so much for your insight! We’ve never met in person and have only ever talked on discord, thankfully I haven’t shared any other social media with the guy. I just don’t want him to hurt himself or others after I leave…


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