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3 thoughts on “MarieEbony online webcams for YOU!

  1. Here’s the thing, trans people don’t put themselves right away until they feel like the relationship is going anywhere. This isn’t lying. You don’t tell people every little thing about yourself to people unless you feel you can trust them. And that’s all this is. Say you were infertile or had testicular cancer and lost your testicle, do you tell your dates right off the bat? If you had a horrible accident and actually lost your penis, you probably wouldn’t lead with that. Or how about the men out there with micropenises, I’m pretty sure most don’t advertise that on their dating profiles. Though sometimes the inverse is true.

    Trans women are women. That said, it’s perfectly ok to prefer certain genitals. And that’s a question to ask. This is an instance it’s ok to ask!

    As for wanting kids and what that future is like, cis couples go through this all the time. Fertility is not guaranteed. Most couples don’t test their fertility upfront. And this way you know upfront. Adoption can always be an option. Or even surrogacy. But your feelings are valid either way. That said, your disclaimer about never wanting to be with a guy is very invalidating. She is a woman. You didn’t feel this way before she told you. Yet she’s still the same person.

  2. I would REALLY prefer not do that. There’s a line my brain has no interest in crossing, and those weirdos are it.


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