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  1. As a woman i'll say; yes its an important day. But its important because you marry your loved one, not 5k of flower decorations, 2k pie etc. Shes spoiled. Reconsider ur priorities..

  2. I guess John and the photographer must have f**ked each other to come up with a non-funny prank. I’m sorry to hear that they ruined your day. I know how that feels. My husband and I went to our daughter’s College graduation ceremony and I was so excited thinking my husband and I were going to be holding hands and smiling through tears of joy at our shared joy. But Instead my two step-daughters came to town – one was all hyped up on meth and the other was babysitting her bigger sister. The oldest meth head daughter was focused on her Dad, the 2nd daughter was focused on her sister and I was trying to focus on the ceremony. But his daughters both hung on their Dad and flanked him and were rude to me and acted like I wasn’t there. I got squeezed out. I still cried tears of joy for my daughter except by myself and I tried to have the best day for my daughters sake but her 1/2 sisters ruined my beautiful day. I try not to dwell on that day.


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