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  1. You need to be stronger than you've ever been. Fight for you and your babies life, no one else will. If you fail, the cycle will continue.

  2. I think that language is very defeatist and you don't have to resign yourself to that outcome. It takes a lot of therapy and practice with communication, but it's possible to live! a (mostly) normal life and it's worth striving for.

  3. No, it’s not. You’re ending the relationship and there’s really no argument or debate to be had. It’s perfectly reasonable and fair to tell her you’re willing to talk if she wants to talk but you’re not staying for an argument. You’re not even obligated to offer to talk of you don’t want to. It’s okay to tell her it’s over, wish her well and leave.

    It’s kind of you to feel badly, but relationships end. This one needs to end because it’s not going to go anywhere. She may be hurt but she will move on exactly as she needs to. Stop beating yourself up. You’re doing something that needs to be done and that will result in better things for you both in the future.

  4. He’s 30. If he’s still in the random hook-up stage and actually cares what his friends think (hell the fact they actually talk about it at all is cringe), you have wayyyy bigger issues than an open relationship. Drop the boy.

  5. Even when I was on BC I didn’t go without condoms with a guy for a long time. Safety purposes and just getting to the point of exclusivity.

    Either way it’s your body and your comfort

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  7. Your other posts over the last month or so are quite conflicted – they sway between saying shes stressed and that's why your sex life is suffering to also saying you're projecting your stress on to her. It seems like the whole situation is very muddled and communication is poor. Even with this post – you have sex in ways you know she doesn't like – again quite contradictory

  8. Tell your boyfriend that because you are not sure about this open relationship, you want to try it first to see if it works. Tell him you need to do it first and date other guys for six months before he can see other girls because you need to become comfortable with the idea of seeing other people becinceause you only wanted a monogamous relationship.

    His reaction will show you who he really is. Using my view of the future, he will blow up upon this. He will say how unfair that is, how you don't have the right to propose something like that, how women degrade herself in open relationships, and will play the ” I am not enough for you?” Victim card to try to justify why he can do it and you don't.

    He is a selfish fool. If he really cared about your feelings, he wouldn't propose this in the way he did it. What is he going to compromise to fix this situation? Please OP reconsider this relationship seriously.

  9. i just feel bad for the girlfriend there was no reason to out her at all. I sometimes think I’m paranoid when it comes to this topic, but it always takes a one slip up from a loved one to have everything ruined. Plenty of cis women don’t have periods, I don’t get why that topic was a reason to out her at all. In the future just know that you’re not entitled to know that a trans person is actually trans, plenty of us want to keep it to ourselves for safety etc. reasons and to keep our social lives intact.

  10. I'm not trusting anyone. I'm just stating a fact. Never stated that she used bc properly or that he did. I was speaking generally.

  11. INFO: this was your house/place correct? why did they have a key? or were you having sex in their living room?

  12. There is nothing wrong with or out of the ordinary with two grieving people finding comfort with each other. If that turns mutually romantic then good for both of you.

  13. Oh okay, thanks for sharing. Ugh I don’t know what to say besides I feel for you and I hope you find peace. ?

  14. If you don't think she cheated or wants to cheat with this guy, I would drop it. It's not worth ruining your marriage over.

  15. Stage 5 clinger alert. Her making threats isn’t ok. Everyone needs time away from their partner to recharge. You’ve seen her everyday this week and now you want to hang with your friend and relax. We trying ti make issues with the friendship and saying “well you need to be home before I go ti bed or I’m just going to wait up”

    You need to have a long talk about her behavior.

  16. “That is our only real purpose”!? What about people who can’t or choose not to have kids? Not everyone is meant to be a parent.

  17. I am just putting this here to call you out on how selfish you're being. This has nothing to do with him and his well being but just how much of an inconvenience he is being.

    Yikes. You should probably break up with him so he can find a better girlfriend.

  18. I second this. I understand the rush to assume infidelity but there could be many underlying factors that OP should explore as a couple. How is work? Finance? Family? Are they having troubles with drugs gambling or social media. Could there be an underlying mental healt/psychiatrist cause, could it be a medical illness, could it be a brain tumor (rare but it definitely happens.) Sincerely, a random neurosurgeon

  19. I don’t want to jump the gun and say she’s being unreasonable. She definitely sounds insecure. Why is she insecure though? Is it irrational, or could it be that you have started to put less effort into making her feel loved now that you’ve been together awhile? When was the last time you went out of your way to make her feel special? Do you show her love daily with her love language? Relationships take work and usually around the 1 year mark, people start to get lazy.

  20. Honestly no? I think he started to take few extra days worth at a time now and just leaves it in the freezer there.

    When he started forgetting them more continuously I just put a reminder in his phone for 10 minutes before he's supposed to leave for work. One day he asked about the reminder, I told him why I did it, he said cool, thanks, gave me a kiss, and that was it.

    Seeing a professional is on my next steps, I'm just hoping to secure the raise first so that is a bit easier to afford. I'm an extremely forgetful person so I believe I tried to give him the grace I wish my family had given me growing up.

  21. Are you using it for safety (e.g. if you were in an accident or kidnapped or something your partner would know where you are), or are you using it because you have a need to know where your partner is at all times?

  22. Tell me he at least cleans…because he is currently not happy about the amount he is scamming you out of and thinks it should be more..

  23. “For so long” is subjective. Talk with him and tell him it’s non negotiable. If this is something he wants you are not the woman for him. Period. Some fantasies are better off staying fantasies.

  24. When I suggested a post-elopement “reception” I didn't mean renting out a big hall or anything expensive. Since it sounds like your guest list would be quite small, IMO you could have a memorable celebration with dear ones in your own home on a tiny budget, maybe even a potluck backyard barbecue if weather permits. That would be even less expensive than hosting dinner in a restaurant, and a whole lot more personal – plus you wouldn't have to worry about the kiddos getting bored and acting up in a public place.

  25. Do not be alone with him ever. Do not let him into your house for any reason; if there are things you want/need to return, do that somewhere public and neutral, like a police station.

  26. Nah, leave the ex in the past.

    The way this situation is playing out, does sound like a bit of a desperation reach.

    Breaking up with GF and the immediate reach out to a previous ex… Doesn't leave a good impression on anyone.

    Besides.. you will eventually start dating again at some point.

    No one is in love with the idea that the person they are seeing has a close relationship with an ex. Like that is your business by all means, but others will simply go else where and dodge that situation completely.

    If you want the best promising future, leave the exes in the past.

  27. I used to work for a printing companu and we made millions of each color for packaging purposes!!! In many colors. Dont take it personally. Its for your pleasure!!! Shes a nasty girl. Be glad!


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