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  1. I personally don't think you were rude. You'd had a long day, a headache and weren't prepared for a guest.

    If anything, your wife was a little out of pocket by not giving you a head's up that you had company before you got home. She doesn't need to ask permission but letting your spouse know there's going to be people in the house when they get home after a long day is common courtesy.

  2. You need to tell him! First of all, you should feel comfortable enough with the man who is about to be your husband to share your honest thoughts about something that will (hopefully!) be on your hand forever!

    Secondly, you are very openly into gems and sent him detailed information about the ring… it’s a bit insulting that he would not think to consider how important of a thing this would be to you specifically, not just as a woman being proposed to, but as you, the woman who he should know has such an affinity for beautiful stones. I’m not trying to insult him, but I would personally be very upset if my partner missed an easy mark when it’s my literal occupation and passion!


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