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LUNA, y.o.

Location: Departamento de Norte de Santander, Colombia

Room subject: ‘, CrazyTicket’: Show in progress. Strong destruction of both holes (merciless Dp) and big load on the face. Tip 50 tokens to see the show Type /cmds to see all commands.

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  1. That’s just unnecessarily rude man, no reason to treat OP like an idiot because she’s in a relationship with a man that tricked her into thinking he was decent

  2. I don't have any idea why you didn't just back out of the dinner. Your gf could have easily just gone without you and explained that you fractured your orbital bone. Showed them a pic even. Please advocate for yourself more.

    Her parents will get over it. It isn't as if you did something wrong. Too bad you didn't make up a good story vs. letting them know that while you were sleeping with their daughter, she elbowed you. Awkward.

  3. Don’t feel embarrassed, it’s not your fault you got the black eye. It was a true accident caused by sleep behaviours your girlfriend has no control over.

    You made the best of the situation. Her parents will come around and I’m sure it will be a funny story in the future between you all

  4. Honestly I'd say it's better for you than something like watching tv. Gaming improves hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. Tv is just… Sitting there watching other people do things. And I say this as someone who loves doing both.

  5. The “market rate” comment is ???‍??‍? as is trying to match your current rent….. at most if you wanted fair compromise (imo) you could offer to pay 50% of annual property taxes and then split the utilities and groceries etc as usual. Even you paying insurance is a little suspect unless you are also covered on the policy for any personal items etc.


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