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  1. She won’t do anything like that, I’ve tired widow groups or books clubs. My dad’s sister invites her to do things with her all the time and she always declines. She only want to spend time with me no one eles

  2. Idk man, imo if you feel like you’d have a better time with your friend over your gf, you may wanna start considering moving on, wether the problem is her or you…Your partner is supposed to be your confidant, your friend, lover, etc… you shouldn’t have to feel like spending time with someone else would be a better time than time spent with the person who you want to be with for the rest of your life. ?‍♂️

  3. I don’t think anyone but you can really determine how much of an overreaction your feelings are to a sensitive subject.

    Blocking them was a drastic response that your friend probably deserves an apology for, but they should maybe be given the chance to apologise for hurting you in a way. If they’re shitty about it, it’s not a friend worth longing for.

  4. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE SEX AT SOMEONE ELSE’S DEMAND. He wants that he can go pay for a sex doll. No human owes any other human their body.

  5. I have so many questions.

    When you say you guys go out, is it a date? Are you guys switching the planning if it? Also, who watches the kid while you are gaming? Does she get her own time away?

    Have you had a big sit down where you guys talk about this? Have asked how to make this equitable? Told her your alone time is important and that you want to figure how to make it fair and balanced for both of you?

    It’s super important for you to have alone time, but your wife is telling you that she feels neglected. Talking and counseling can help with this.

  6. Maybe Gabby saw her cheating and she is pulling this behavior to discredit her?

    It just seems to extreme otherwise

  7. I would definitely not tell my parents but his parents have expressed that if we wanted to start sleeping together, they would want to talk to my parents first, for traditional and cultural reasons. Also because I’m a girl so they just wanna make sure culturally I’m not going to ruin my reputation as a woman.

  8. Not only that but he said he ENJOYS seeing them going from anxious to reliefed…he enjoys them being scared of him and than realizing he won't harm them.fucked up af

  9. I have been making a point to brush in front of him and it hasn’t been working lol. I’ve even purposely kissed him after brushing my teeth and still nothing. I can see his toothpaste and toothbrush on the bathroom counter I just don’t understand why he doesn’t use them. Like it might be deeper than just not wanting to which is another reason why I want to approach this as delicately as I can

  10. If you're getting married, I guarantee this isn't the last difficult conversation you'll have to have. Embrace this as an opportunity to practice.

    I'd say something like “I love the ring, but my skin is reacting to it. ” Also talk with him to make sure the wedding ring is something you can comfortably wear every day.

  11. I know it sounds terrible, and believe me, I was devastated when I found out. But here's the thing – even though he cheated on me, he was still treating me well in other ways.

    For example, he would always be there for me when I needed him, and he went out of his way to make me happy. He would surprise me with little gifts, and he was always willing to listen to me when I needed to talk.

    I know that cheating is a terrible thing, and it hurt me deeply when I found out. But I also know that he cares about me and that he was doing his best to make me happy.

    Now, I'm not saying that what he did was okay – it definitely wasn't. But I do think that it's possible for someone to make a mistake and still be a good partner in other ways.

  12. The next time he pulls his garbage, just remember how much better you can breathe when he's not there. Love doesn't feel like all the air is sucked out of the room.

  13. I admire your loyalty and fidelity. What you aren’t saying, but I understand from experience is as a young relationship goes on more often then not people grow apart, especially multiple hours away. The elephant in the room is the resentment that were it not for this floundering relationship you could be dating that gorgeous sophomore that always smiles at you in chem. And it’s gonna get worse.

    I say break it off before one of you does or says something hurtful.

  14. Tip: Before you talk to husband, find & print out some research showing that vasectomies aren't 100% successful. That way, you can hand it to him immediately before his suspicions start snowballing.

  15. Walk away. I know you are young, inexperienced, and that this is your first relationship but you do not know this guy. You are in the “honeymoon” stage and this isn’t a “perfect” relationship. You are in the infatuation stage where everything feels great but you still don’t actually know each other. You now want to know how to support him? Girl, wake up and snap out of the fantasy you have about this relationship. This guy is juggling both of you right now. Just walk away from the drama that is building from this pregnancy and him spending every night for the past week with her. Take off the rose coloured glasses about this guy and walk away. You will meet other people who you are compatible with and who will not be juggling you with their pregnant ex.

  16. Okay I see a lot of people talking about fwb one is going to talk about her best friend..? (Maybe I didn’t scroll far enough) This is definitely something that you not only need to talk to your fwb about but also your best friend op and find out what is going on. If there is something happening then I’d definitely lose her as a friend. Me personally, I wouldn’t be able to try to do something with a guy who has been with with or is currently with any of my friends, serious or not. And you also need to set more boundaries with people going further in. Especially if you’re going to have sex with them. If it’s something your fwb isn’t interested in doing then end things with him bc it’s clear that you’re catching feelings and things might not end well. Keep us updated if you can and good luck

  17. Meanwhile my girlfriend doesn't bat an eye if I don't text for hours, even if I don't tell them why beforehand. OP needs to find someone else or be content enough to online by himself.

  18. What on earth? How do you figure she’s a danger to this child because of a magnet? People can be civil and still have healthy boundaries. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. So what about activities? If she goes and is civil and doesn’t cause any issues then what would the problem be? Having a photo from an event on YOUR phone isn’t the same as putting a photo up on the fridge for your current SO to have to look at everyday. I don’t think it should have been removed the way it was, but it’s also fair to ask that it just be put somewhere everyone is comfortable with. That’s an acceptable compromise. Does she resent the child? It doesn’t necessarily seem that way to me, it seems like it’s more about which relationship is being prioritized. Relationship with son should be of utmost priority, relationship with SO should be a priority as well. A civil and respectful relationship with a coparent is absolutely important, but prioritizing a friendship with said coparent to the detriment of your partner isn’t the way to be a good partner or a good way to model mutual respect in a romantic relationship. Those influences and behaviors matter also.

  19. My friends ex wife didnt work for a long time, once he broke up with her she had a job quick. Lit a fire under her.

  20. I get it! In my opinion if you struggle with being to nice and boundaries just make rules for yourself.

    For example. I will not give men my number regardless of the reason without consulting my husband or if he is present.

    That’s not one I’m saying just using as an example

  21. Trying to play the long game. They do this.. then it's oe ur 3 years and a baby in.. so nw u have to do wtf I want its so gross

  22. Put straight up, deal with it. It's not for you to say what your SO wears. Either you trust her or you don't. Clothes won't change her choices, and she'll go where she pleases whether you're together or not. Fix your mindset, not her wardrobe.

  23. I have a bottle of mustard older than your relationship in the fridge and I haven't yet thought the possibility of marriage lol.

  24. Glad you blocked that cock, there is alot better ones out there.. cocks that will respect you, aknowledges the side effects and supports your decision. Its not hot to do so imo… well maybe his sorry ass dick is. But alot of people are just idiots…


  25. … he does not make enough money, you will not be able to afford anything on 53k and when this blows up in your face 5-10 years down the road for some reason be it divorce, you will be screwed, don't give up your job sis, don't let yourself be in a position where you can be controlled because you have to “trust” that he won't destroy your life.

  26. If he has other house, how come he hangs around alot at your house?..furthermore, he comes when YOU, his son is not around.

    Also, Im talking about chatting via whatsapp, is he actively communicating with you as compared to your gf?

    I suggest you confront your gf first as her what is going on. Who starts the chat first?

  27. I should also add we have been dealing with other issues related to his binge drinking . Numerous times hes gotten very drunk and I’ve had to clean up his piss on the toilet floor in my house. I also have to tell him to wash his hands with soap not just with water after going to the toilet. He’s just started seeing a therapist… but yeah I guess I’m feeling a bit fed up with a few things.

  28. I know. But I didn't want to have this affair anymore. I just wanted to preserve our friendship.

  29. That is the most intellectualizing post I have ever read.

    No, intellectualizing is not the same thing as dissociation. Ask your therapist to explain it.

  30. I would directly tell him that it's either you or her, because this is crossing many boundaries, and he's disrespectful towards you. As someone else mentioned, this is how emotional affairs start.

    He does sound generous, and I'm willing to believe he has no bad intentions with helping her, but that makes it even more important to enforce these boundaries. If he is not willing to stop talking to her without any issues, you have your answer.

  31. He has established boundaries it’s just that we are trying to be kind. And not make this any messier than she’s already made it. Make no mistake he treats me like a goddess. I love him with every fiber of my being and we truly have a healthy relationship. It’s just this one thing that is a problem.

  32. Don't feel bad – you just had your dream girl destroyed and your future ruined. It'll take years to get over it.

    It takes me years to get over relationships.

    One day at a time. One foot in front of the other. You'll find someone else and you'll be better for it. You did good leaving her and not letting her make excuses. Stay strong my brother.

  33. My impression is that for whatever reason, she didn't want you there.

    Maybe it is as small as you being tired and depressing at coffee and she didn't want Debbie downer bringing down her dinner party.

    Maybe she is long game trying to create separation between you and your dad in the way of shitty steps who would rather first kids get edged out come inheritance time.

    Either way, it's not really about your kid. Your sensitivity about your kid is just the button she pushed to manipulate you. And it worked, she said a few words with minimal effort and got you to bail.

    Her motivation big or small is not kind, and is not in yours or your kids best interest.

    Don't let one person get you to throw away your dad and his entire side of the family.

  34. Yeh both need to agree but it seems OP would literally be getting paid just to hand it all over to their nanny (since one would assume similar salaries) while not having the time with her kids.

    And given her job I would think there's less concern overall OP losing skills while being out of the workforce. Although maybe child minding could be an option to keep some income coming in?

  35. You should tell her.

    But also, are you seeking some good guy points from the internet for giving your girl flowers?

  36. She’s a creep. You’re entitled to your privacy. I’d say end this relationship and make sure the diary is secured next time you’re dating someone because some people are unethical and you just never know.

  37. I’m certainly not defending her or at least I try not to, I’ve definitely said my exact thoughts to her using some not so nice words. I just want some idea of a civil way to solve it without breaking it off. There are some mental health concerns involved which is why I’m hesitant to just end things.

  38. I’m really sorry OP, the disability system is the absolute worst. It’s also really disheartening when the doctors give up, I’ve been there. Amazingly I got better, unfortunately I have a number of friends who haven’t been as lucky. It’s a miserable existence for BOTH of you.

    I’d say first things first get yourself into therapy and her if possible (but separately). It’s a lot to lose the life you thought you’d have. If you can’t get into therapy I’d strongly recommend looking into Gastroparesis groups and speaking with the patient advocate at the doctors/hospital she goes to about getting her support that doesn’t come from you. I wouldn’t necessarily tell her about that until things are lined up or you’ve decided to officially end the relationship.

    As for your current relationship with her, it sounds like it’s over. It sucks and health shouldn’t be the reason you break up with someone, but it also sounds like this came on when the relationship was still really new. It’s okay to put yourself first. You need to have a couple serious conversations with her and ideally her family.

    The first is about her asking for help. Personally, from experience it seems like she’s still trying to do things in part because she’s in denial or upset about her current condition. It doesn’t make it better, but I’ve been there. See if there’s some compromise of tasks that she can do or if there’s ways to set her up for success. Even little things like alarms to take meds, tracking of taking meds, feeding an animal, anything to feel “useful” and not like a burden.

    The second is harder and between you two. You need to tell her your burning out. If you think you can discuss the possibility of ending the relationship great, if not it’s okay, but you need to be able to share your emotions with her. This is also the time to bring up therapy. If she has friends that could pick up anything to help.

    The third and darkest/hardest conversation truly depends on her deterioration and doctor’s expectations… which would be physician assisted sucde. I know people that literally starved and wasted away to their death and it was horrible. They had a positive outlook and major support. I thankfully never got that bad, but I’d personally rather go on my own terms and I know others that have scrimped and saved to be able to make that trip and choice for themselves.

    It’s late and I’ve lost my train of thought, but I know this is horrible and I’m so sorry. Please reach out if I can help

  39. Yeah thats how I was thinking haha but I could get it off of my sister but again I dont want to randomly text her by number and shell wonder how I got it haha?

    But yeah I just thought of saying and my sister said it too that I should just text her on snapchat and say “Hey, sorry for the cheesy pickup line but if you ever want to hangout you have my number, feel free to call/text me, just let me know.”

    Not sure if that would be fine lol


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