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3 thoughts on “Linda online sex chats for YOU!

  1. We don’t know the circumstances and OP said there are tensions between his gf and her sister in lad already. It might not be petty, there might be a bigger issue there.

    Also they’ve only been dating for a year, I wouldn’t take my bf to a potentially tense wedding so soon. She may have just lied to not hurt his feelings, we have no way to know.

  2. Why is it transphobic? I’m genuinely curious. Is it because I’ve said I don’t believe they can transition to ‘real’ men or women. That’s fact. Men that transition to women will never carry children, have periods etc. that’s not transphobic. It’s reality. The fact some now refer to breast feeding as chest feeding and refer to women as ‘cervix holders’ is just crazy. We’re losing the term ‘women’ because people get so offended by it. Would you also agree that trans women can also compete in women’s sports?

  3. OP, this was not cheating in any way and I hope you know that now. All the comments saying you were sexual assaulted are 100% accurate. Please tell your gf and get her “friend” out of that place ASAP.


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