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  1. Nothing wrong with wanting it, but don't expect it.

    Epic love stories are almost always fiction, don't turn down real life love for a fictional dream.

  2. You're right, you can't change it so why be insecure about it?

    If dick size was THAT important to her and a deal-breaker, she wouldn't be with you because she knows you can't change it.

  3. Don't be a doormat and have some self respect.

    You don't sleep with someone else because you think the relationship is going too fast.

    The least bad reason for her doing this is because she is highly immature and doesn't know what a healthy relationship is and that is already a big enough red flag.

  4. You asked him to go to therapy, something that is good for him and good for your relationship. It’s completely reasonable given the circumstances.

    Ultimatums are for when they’ve had their last chance. Now you split up. In a few months time he will probably see the light.

  5. The girl in question had boundaries set by him and she walked over them, then she got caught by someone else and decided to call him before he finds out, but surely she didn't know her “friend” had any of those intentions, you fucking know yourself that almost every male you talk with everyday wants a piece of that cake and you keep chatting with them because you like the attention, but yea, sure, lets support cheaters and down vote truth seekers.

  6. I think there’s a possibility that she may be asexual or almost asexual, so if it’s really the case, it’s up to you to stay with her, bc you can’t change your high drive either, so it could end up badly or it could end up as a mere rock in the way of you 2, but remember, it’s no one fault, if she is asexual she can’t change that, and you obviously can’t change your high drive, so don’t punish yourself, and tell her to don’t do so too

  7. You are over-reacting, give her time and space and talk about the situation, if she still wants to go then fine …..

  8. Tell her that it is illegal to both send and receive it and delete it. If it happens again block her as it could be a setup. Protect yourself at all costs.

  9. Stop saying this. You dont know where she lives or her disease status. The requirement to disclose varies wildly from state to state and country to country depending on the state of your disease. It can be managed to the point where the viral load is undetectable and untransmissable. If that is the case then only a handful of states require disclosure by law and there are several countries where it is not required either. Stop saying things you dont have any clue about.

  10. Friend, you just realized a platonic friendship got a little more than platonic and it was a solid nope. You immediately put up boundaries and are putting distance between you and this chick. This isn’t something you need to discuss with your SO because you did the right thing.

  11. I respect that you’re trying to correct my grammar, but I enjoy grammar and this is my take on the further v.s. farther argument: People use both further and farther to mean “more distant”. However, American English speakers favor farther for physical distances and further for figurative distances. Both work in this grammatical setting. -they both relate to distance, though (lol)

    That being said, I’m going to try to explain this in the most simple terms that I can think of so that (hopefully) you’re able to follow and possibly even understand. -If my husband wanted a grilled cheese for dinner and I told him no, you’re have a ham sandwich, that would be an example of me controlling him. -If my husband and I discuss our boundaries and decide mutually that watching porn or looking at instagram models is a boundary for us, that is not an example of being controlling.

  12. Get you a really good attorney. Listen to the attorney, and follow their instructions exactly, even if they seem harsh. give yourself some time to heal. Maybe some therapy. Do some casual dating before diving in the deep end. I hope your next partner has lots of integrity, is all grown up, and makes your STBX GRIND HER TEETH

  13. It's abuse.

    Call the cops.

    Go fully non-contact. If you're at your parents, she's not there. She is not to call, email, text, use social media to contact you.

    She's done, OP.

    My dad's siblings and parents opted for different kinds of abuse when he was an adult (I believe physical abuse was a feature of his childhood) and he went full no-contact for 15 years. It sucked. He did it. He's glad he did.

  14. I saw the texts and they are innocent unless you want to see them as otherwise again don’t want to chase demons that aren’t there .

  15. I only read the first paragraph.

    Break up now and save both your sanities.

    This will never work I promise you.

    It’s for both of y’all’s own good

  16. Honestly the “I couldnt control myself” is the same excuse boundary stompers use as a way to excuse their behavior.

    I wouldnt trust him not to be pinning secretly or not being shy about it with future partners.

    Tbf tho the ex and his best friend (and others who may back them up) may say that OP and ex werent together/its not cheating/it was 3 months after. Etc.

    While thats all true, they dont take into account the other social taboo besides cheating about dating/sleeping with friends ex's (especially so soon as 3 months is still REALLY soon after)

    One thing I am wondering about: how many others in OPs friend circle knew?

    How did that mutual fri3nd know/come to find out? Did they know the entire time or did they just find out and tell OP ASAP? If they knew the entire time then why say it now unless there is more drama with either that mutual friend snd the ex, mutual and rhe best friend or all best friend and ex with this being blackmail/payback.

    If more than just that mutual friend knew then OP may want to take a step back and re-evaluate certain friendships. 'Dumping' his best friend also could run thr risk of others standing with his best friend and leaving OP regardless if they originally knew or not.

    OP also could just slowly stop being friends/close friends with him oe downgrade him to a spot between aquaintance and friend. Distant friend. But again others might notice, they may even say OP isnt over his ex/holding grudges.

    OP shouldn't stay friends with him but tolerating him the best as possible as to not necessarily make the others pick sides (definitely would see who else knew/ask others but rhis way if not many knew or no on4 knew then they would know at least)

  17. It sounds like you're really struggling with your fiance's “Bokoblin Mode” behavior and how it's affecting your relationship. It's understandable that you would be frustrated and uncomfortable with this behavior, especially if it's causing problems in your sex life and causing embarrassment in public.

    First and foremost, it's important to communicate with your fiance about your feelings and concerns. Try to have an open and honest conversation with him about how his Bokoblin Mode behavior is making you feel and how it's impacting your relationship. It's important to be respectful and understanding, but also to be clear about your boundaries and what you need in the relationship.

    It may also be helpful to suggest finding other ways to bond and share interests. It's great that you both enjoy Breath of the Wild, but it's important to have a variety of shared experiences and activities. Maybe there are other video games or hobbies that you both enjoy, or even just spending quality time together doing something simple like cooking or watching a movie.

    It's also worth considering seeking out therapy or couples counseling to help address any underlying issues or communication challenges in the relationship. A trained professional can help facilitate a healthy and productive conversation and provide tools and strategies for improving communication and resolving conflicts.

    Ultimately, it's up to you and your fiance to decide what works best for your relationship. But it's important to address these issues and have open and honest communication in order to have a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

  18. now don’t want to because then it’s not a surprise!

    Yep, that's the priority here. Five years, made a 20ish year commitment in the form of a mortgage but you want her to be surprised when you ask her to marry you. You want it to come completely out of left field! Because there is absolutely no way she'll expect it or see it coming!! How could she have guessed!!

    Fuck off with that shit.

  19. No wtf the dude. It’s just a dream. Don’t make it weird.

    If you’re ever going to do that definitely don’t do it with your girlfriend. Wait till your single and do it with a tandom

  20. I mean.. you can't honestly be surprised?

    Generally when dudes tell their side pieces how “toxic” their relationships are, it's usually just bullshit so you'll feel bad and fuck them more.

    You were easy sex, he doesn't respect you and he's taking out all his frustrations on you now. I guess you're seeing why his marriage was toxic.

  21. Basically what I'm reading too. Its a stiff you to the parents while stiffing the baby sister because he Cldnt sleep with the eldest. Again.. this is a GREAT man.

  22. People don’t usually want to watch their friends having sex. I’d be very suspicious of her relationship with her roommate.

    Does she say why she doesn’t want to change her relationship status?

    To me, it sounds like a young woman who’s not ready to commit. I think you should take a step back from the relationship and your feelings for a bit, and have a serious conversation about what you two are, and put some boundaries in place with the roommate if you two do decide to move forward with your relationship.

  23. Just break up with her. She clearly isn’t respecting a reasonable boundary and is going out of her way to violate it.

  24. “As we get older it seems we are growing in different directions, and it just doesn't seem like there's a future here. I mean look, most relationships started the ages we started ours don't work out when things are going better than they are for us. We don't value or share the same expectations about what a relationship should be like.”.

    Don't drag it out. Do it right away while there's other distractions coming up and he's got to be around people because of having to go to school.

  25. So what you're saying is, you're walking on eggshells because even the thought of somehow upsetting her is giving you anxiety? Sounds healthy.

  26. I am honest with her. I don’t act like I’m ready for all that. I don’t see how it’s such an issue that I don’t know if I want that with her a week into the relationship. That sounds insane to want that confirmation this early. I never said I was against it. If we get there then cool. But again we’re less than a week in. How am I the crazy/bad guy. I’m being real and responsible. Marriage and kids is not something to take lightly.

  27. You die screw up with your naive weakness. You learned a valuable lesson though, your wife thinks you are a doormat, because you are. The truth hurts, in your next relationship grow and actual backbone.

  28. You die screw up with your naive weakness. You learned a valuable lesson though, your wife thinks you are a doormat, because you are. The truth hurts, in your next relationship grow and actual backbone.

  29. You think your wife would prefer you had sex with other women, rather than masturbate? I understand no porn, but why can’t you just jerk off? You’re practically jerking off into her when she’s asleep as it is.

  30. Do you think since it was the first time since the pause she will end up trimming again? Maybe she just didn’t expect it and wasn’t prepared. I’d wait to even think about saying anything

  31. Do you think since it was the first time since the pause she will end up trimming again? Maybe she just didn’t expect it and wasn’t prepared. I’d wait to even think about saying anything

  32. It dont seem like it has anything to do with you. She already told you she is waiting until marriage so I dont know what you expected to happen.

  33. Well it makes me feel a lot better that this is considered normal and not taboo. Sounds like a lot of people are getting it down lol.

  34. This happened to me in my first professional job. Became good friends with female colleague (I'm male) and there were some tricky waters to navigate at times because obviously there is attraction there, that's why we were friends. We were both married, she had two kids but a problematic relationship. My tip, don't keep things from your partner, you wouldn't keep any other friend a secret. Fast forward 12 years and we're still friends, I would say she is my best friend. She has a new partner whom my wife and I both like, all four of us regularly hang out – we're going to Fiji later this year! So it can be done, but my advice is just make sure no part of your friendship is secretive, and really it's always best that your partner knows and gets along with your friends anyway. P.S. I always avoided the hugging thing too, for a very long time. Smart.

  35. My husband went through an episode of sudden, unexplainable hives about a year ago. We tried eliminating everything, I switched every product I use that I could think of, etc. He started taking a daily allergy medication and it is mostly under control now.

    Not once, not a single time, did he blame me for it or use it as an excuse to not hang out with me.

    This Mr. Perfect might have some extreme medical anxiety now and that sucks for him. The trauma of an unexplained constant issue like that is serious, especially for people who already have anxiety/OCD. However, this guy is being a dick to you and there is no excuse for that.

    He is not perfect. He's treating you like shit because of something that is happening to him and that is not fair to you. Make the break permanent. Block him everywhere you can, block and delete his number. Find someone new who will not blame you for their medical issues. This is not normal or okay behavior even during a medical crisis.

  36. trust me i have addressed them in every way.. i’m not looking for anyone to be sorry for me. but realize he put me thru a lot too.. he hurt me in ways i didn’t think a person could.. anyway.. he said he’d give me a month to prove it to him, so i’ve been very honest gave him my passwords.. let him beat me down..

  37. Visit the doctor or nurse to learn more about herpes. It’s not as scary as people think and can be quite manageable with the right medication. It’s not dangerous unless you’re pregnant and have a bad outbreak- but again, with medication this can be handled properly.

  38. I’m sorry you had to learn of this from your estranged, alcoholic brother. This is absolutely something you should discuss at length with her, maybe even get couples counseling for, so you can work on communication and rebuilding your trust in her.

    On a different note, this was before she met you, so she was 17 or younger (a MINOR) and had taken ecstasy (compromising her ability to CONSENT). Your brother, who is older than you (you didn’t say by how much, but he was 100% an ADULT), probably took advantage of her in this altered state. It also only happened one time. Just reminding you of these facts to reframe this for you.

    She hid this out of shame and discomfort, not to make you look like a fool. But the way this made you feel is also completely valid, and your hurt needs to be attended to in your marriage. The villain in this scenario is undoubtedly your brother. She may not have a good steward of this difficult truth, but I believe this situation is 100% workable. But it does need to be worked on, not just swept under the rug.

  39. Of course we are allowed to be sentimental.

    What we can't do is have a petulant and extreme reaction over something we didn't communicate.

  40. We’re going through a really weird shift right now that marketing is calling hyper cycling, because trends used to be on a pretty reliable 20 year rotation.

    It’s down to about half of that now, we’ve already done 90’s whimsy goth into Y2K and now the Roxy surf prep is happening and it’s only been 2 years to cover 10 years of trend. We’ll be back to ballet flats and neon tights with Lady Gaga’s first album on loop by New Years.


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