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  1. Idk but it really fucked with me, after I she told me my attitude Definitely changed and then when she saw that she said she was joking and did it to see what I would say. Idk that I don't believe you should even joke about…

  2. I'm short, I would tell my daughter to explain to him that he either steps up to the responsibility or leave.

  3. Nobody knows your mother like you do.As someone who grew up with a single mother who's bi polar i know how tough it can be.As you'r an adult i suggest to you to get independent soon as in that matter you can be your own men without having to deal as much with bs and still be on good terms with your parent but boundaries need to be set.

  4. What the heck do I do!!

    well for starters, don’t have kids with him

    he’s not joking, he’s showing you very clearly who he is and how much your comfort in the most vulnerable situation of your life means to him, listen to what he’s saying, he’s being genuine, and r u n

  5. It took a long time but she has told me how she masturbates. She told me like yesterday. She doesn’t use any toys, I bought one a year ago, one that is remotly controlled, but she didn’t like it so we have stopped that. I proposed using them in the bedroom but she feels like it is something too advanced and it comes back to wanting it to feel effortless and natural. For the going down part I don’t really know what to do, I’ve read stuff, watched stuff and tried multiple things, but she always stops me, sometimes even before I start, like when I am kissing her thighs and stuff like that. Also she has got mano problems with her parents so it is extremely difficoult to find a moment in wich she is relaxed since we don’t live together. Just want to say extremely thankful for your advice

  6. There is a misconception that you’ll feel more fulfilled after sleeping with more people. This is false. Sure maybe those friends will give him a bigger pat on the back, but in the end it does not give on feelings of true fulfillment in life.

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  8. I mean, he’s gonna keep doing it because you keep just letting it go. Dude has absolutely 0 problem lying to you. So, if you’re cool still being with someone who treats you like “the other girl”, go for it.

  9. Doesn’t even matter if she’s cheating.

    If you come home to someone repeatedly who doesn’t want to give you a big smooch, and there’s no communication about something being wrong, you ain’t in a relationship.

    Tried that shit for eight years. Granted it never fully dried up, instead coming in waves of distance and coldness followed by ridiculous fights for no reason followed by “happiness”.

    Nobody deserves to reach out for affection and get nothing in return. You might be ignoring it but if you care for someone who is doing that to you it will destroy you.

    Note: I’m not implying anyone is “owed” affection. Nobody owes anyone else their physical or emotional love. But I’m of the firm opinion that without it, barring unusual circumstances, there’s not a relationship there.

    If you feel unable to greet your SO lovingly, for Pete’s sake fucking talk to them about WHY. It’s devastating. Don’t use silence and emotional neglect on someone you potentially love. Unless you want them to grow to resent, or even hate, you.

  10. He was acting creepy, his talk as well as touching your hair/hands. Plus his complaining about his wife to you was 100% inappropriate.

    Distance yourself from him.

  11. I fail to see how you can consider someone you’ve met 3 times in 5 years a boyfriend.

    Maybe if you guys actually did things together, there’d be something to post about. But you literally do nothing together.

    And even if you did, being upset because someone isn’t putting you all over their social media is a pretty immature thing.

  12. this “im 18 you can't tell me what to do! im moving out!” is a much more western, white thing to be very honest. it's not something that's ever crossed my mind, no matter how angsty as a teenager as i was and how much i thought my parents misunderstood me. nonwestern cultures have their own toxic issues, and often parents have too much control, but that's why there needs to be a balance. young adults deserve independence but should still respect their parents enough to not threaten cutting them off just because theyre freshly legal

  13. Well, now your family knows you’re the shit stirring busybody. You need to learn about boundaries. Is she actively cheating now? No. Then stfu and let them be happy.

    People make mistakes, sometimes a lot of them, and then learn from those mistakes and change. For all you know, your sister might have been dealing with issues like sexual trauma or lack of self-worth and self-sabotage that caused her to act that way in the past. Maybe she’s gotten therapy. Maybe she’s sorted her shit out.

    But instead of just letting two adults handle their relationship, you connived and planned and ambushed her boyfriend. And told him what? She cheated in the past. Okay? She’s not cheating now.

    And what if was a serial cheater too? What if he’s the one having an affair now? You see what a mess you’ve made for yourself? You look like an insecure, jealous ahole.

  14. We can't since it's less than 24 hours. It's okay though, the friend who paid for the vendors was more than happy to turn it into a party.

  15. That's my boo though. Has to be something we can do. I guess I'm just looking forward to the day we move in together. But in the meantime ??

  16. I was engaged to marry the wrong girl once. My ex of 3 years and I were completely no contact. She looked me up one day and I broke up with my fiancé that night. I’ve been happily married for 25 years. He should know by now is my point. I had no doubts but I did with the fiancé I broke up with.

  17. Ffs you’re 23!!! YOU are responsible for the way you behave. YOU drank to much and made a fool of yourself. Next time control your alcohol intake. I imagine it was embarrassing as hell for your bf. I would be mortified if my partner acted that way at my birthday party.

  18. Look, I dated a 35 year old when i was 20. He actually didn't groom me, and we were, at that point, at the same maturity level. Because while i was slightly mature for my age, he was massively immature for his. Hence why he chose to date someone so much younger.

    So sure, you might be mature, but you're not as mature as a full grown adult and neither is he. The more you grow up, the more you'll realize how childish he is. He went after you because you were too young and naive to recognize or call out the immaturity. Trust me on this, it's not going to get better.

    He's as grown up as he'll ever be. You're not. You're going to surpass him and the more you do, the more you call out and the more defiant you get, the more abusive he WILL become to keep you in your place.

    Don't be surprised when you break up and he gets with someone younger than you.

    I'm still friends with my now 42 year old ex and the man still hasn't quite grown up emotionally. He has the emotional capacity of a teenage girl and i don't think that will ever change. And he's actually a good person who never actually abused or controlled me. I can't even imagine how bad it is with someone who is like your “boyfriend.”

  19. You might not want to call it that, but having sex without consent is rape and that's what he did. If you want to stay with him that's your choice, but in my opinion you need to talk to him about it so he never does it again, possibly even go to therapy together to deal with it

  20. It’s an incorrect inference to say that I’m in favor of snooping. “…me and my wife have an open phone policy.” I think you’re agreeing with me. Your open phone policy with your wife matches the one I have with mine.

    In any case, I’ll bet that professional marriage counselors have tons of experience guiding couples on what constitutes open phone policy and what crosses the line into snooping.

  21. We’d need more context outside of this one example, but I’ll get into that example later anyway.

    How are you meeting these guys? If you’re going out on dates, why are they meeting your best friend so quickly?

    To the specific example, what was the original context of the “hangout?” How did you meet the guy? Had you been out before? Why would he just invite friends over if you were hanging out together?

  22. Maybe it would be an idea to not introduce your friend to the guys you like, from the very beginning

    Go on dates with the guy, just the two of you, and when you are already dating you could introduce her to him etc

  23. I was meant to change the part about most people stopping as I must say I was tired writing it.

    This is literally the only problem we have, minus the obvious small arguments that I’m sure every couple has. After talking to people I feel like it’s an irrational boundary, and he swears he’ll stop. I didn’t even really feel upset when I found the most recent one (this happened just this week as in a few days ago) just sort of angry.

  24. How could she bear to put her mouth on your dick after using a Clorox wipe on it. That shit had to have tasted terrible

  25. Sounds like you two are not compatible with each other. That's OK, it's part of meeting and dating people.

    I strongly strongly urge you to never cook or clean or buy groceries (as a normal activity) for any guy that you're dating (especially in your 20s). This should be a period of time when you are evaluating them to see if they have these skills.

  26. She isn't interested your intellect, your life experience, or how smart you are or what your dreams are.

    She's really just interested in the basic math. How many times can 22 go in to 50.

  27. 3 grand can be a lot of money or it can be very little. If his mom is using the credit card for rent 3k could be understandable. If he has a new graphics card, door-dashes food, etc. well 3k is crazy to spend on that.

    I do think knowing what the 3k was spent on is important because some of this could also be interest depending on the rate he has.

    As for living together, I’d think long and naked about it as it sounds like you’ll be the primary lease holder and I could see a universe where he isn’t paying rent to pay off the credit cards and you have to pay all of rent. If that’s something you are comfortable with than go for it.

    Overall, I’m 29 and I have to say it would be a red flag for me if my SO told me they had 16k in debt because “they forgot to check”. At 18 that makes sense, at almost 30, while living with someone who is presumably paying for food, other expenses, etc-it makes zero sense.

  28. I’m not too sure why you’re upset? He removed himself from the equation, he did his part.

    If it’s because of what he said about sleeping w her, you’re the one who decided to carry on the relationship with him. :/

  29. I know it’s naked, but I know you can do it! You may be sad for a little bit, but you will get past it with time! Do not let her talk you into changing your mind! I’m glad you are seeking help!

  30. Are you making sure she's actually ready? Is she wet? Even if she is, could she need lube? These are things that you.guys need to consider, because yeah, of you just jam it in she is going to end up hurting.

    If you are already doing this, then yeah, she needs to see a doctor because there may be an issue. However, that's up to her. If she won't and her preferred coping strategy is just to avoid sex then I guess you have a decision to make on whether sex is a deal breaker and whether you should stay or go.

    However, and I can't put this strongly enough, do not use the threat of leaving as a way of getting sex. This is coercive and considered rape in many countries.

  31. Girl just say you’re busy. He’s LYING to you. On a FIRST DATE. You owe him less than nothing. He doesn’t even deserve an explanation lol if he can’t be genuine he can fuck off (my opinion). dick is abundant and low in value just find another that doesn’t lie

  32. Yeah i mean that is what im thinking too, but on the other hand when i said no he has never tries anything and respected my boundaries completely :/ I feel like maybe hes just so immature and not doing it in a weird way just a childish way?


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