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  1. New people are always more interesting, or they seem to be at first. Men don't seem to have many friends, so a friendly girl who gives him attention. He likes it. But if it were to continue, without inrruption or real confrontation, let's say for weeks or possibly months, the likelihood of it turning into something else more nefarious goes way up

  2. This is the type of thing that’d get used voted on reddit but if you said it irl everyone would be instantly weirded out. That just sounds like sexual harrasment

  3. There's millions of regular women who don't care about porn. No reason to be with control freaks who have issues with pictures on the Internet.

  4. I grew up in a Hispanic family. It can be a cultural thing, family closeness sharing everything. It just sounds like you are total opposites and this kind of stuff is going to keep happening and it will bother you. Sorry. It’s tough to be around people who are conversing in a language you don’t comprehend in any situation. That can really make you feel awkward.

  5. Next time just apologize and let him know you didn’t mean to hurt him. Don’t try to explain it away as that can appear to be making excuses. Maybe just go apologize and tell him you love him, maybe he had in his head that his is considered big, maybe it’s because you said big ones hurt and that got him thinking about you being with guys that have bigger dicks. Who knows… idk what to tell you I think he’s being a bit dramatic but maybe you weren’t apologetic enough either.

  6. I'm scared to leave because I feel she is too attached to me and this can ruin her

    You are not responsible for her, she is supposed to be a grown adult. If she can't function on her own, then that's her problem to deal with, you are not her parent! In fact, she nabbed you when you were 22 and she was 27, if anything, I'd have expected her to mother you. Instead, she smothers you.

    I'm also scared to go out there and date, I feel like I have no experience and I will never find another partner ever again

    For one, I thought you'd be happy to be alone again. For another, there are a lot of people out there who are mature and independent and can date without swallowing up your whole life.

    You actually sound very young and immature for your age – as if she has prevented you from growing up and maturing, just to keep you by her side. I'd get out while the getting is good, and before she can saddle you with an accidental pregnancy. In fact, once you tell her you're moving out, don't have sex with her again, or that might just happen.

  7. If she won’t tell you, it’s safe to assume she was with someone, and most likely had sex with them several times if it lasted 3 months. Wanting to be with that someone is probably why the break happened. It most likely didn’t work out. If you’re fine with all that then go ahead.

  8. Definitely married or just a whole catfish messing with OP for shits and giggles.

    Also why in the everloving name is this called dating?

    This man shows u no affection OP he can't call u…

    Probs because he has a wife and kids same reason he can't meet u until his wife and kids leave off somewhere.

    This isn't a relationship sorry.. cut ur losses and block him.

  9. Not even a couple weeks ago he talked about remembering why he left in the first place and had similar feelings. Even going as far as talking about being excited to see me when he gets home. Now this? idek

  10. Dude do you even need to ask? Get a restraining order NOW. Document this. She sounds crazy enough to lie about r*** to punish you for not wanting her anymore. I know that sounds extreme but, hope for the best, plan for the worst.

    And consider greasing your balcony.


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