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  1. It sounds like his values changed in the last couple of years and there’s a mismatch between what you want and what he wants, sadly that’s a thing that can happen in relationships throughout the years, maybe it’s time to move on as there’s some goals that you don’t share anymore. I am sorry OP, that’s very hot!

  2. Weird. My boyfriend is my best friend and it would break my heart to hear that I’m not a friend to him. Just a girl who to fuck daily. That would be awful.

  3. If you want to keep seeing him, the dates need to be outside of a home. I always say 90 days before sex, that is also dating time. Dates should not be at anyones home. But honestly he sounds pretty dang aggressive, and not really sticking to his words. I really don’t know if I’d continue with him after a night like that.

  4. Not sure what all this “up-vote”/”down vote” is all about.

    I DO know that public approval and acceptance are Highly over-rated.

    My faith is in Allah (swt) who is Most Merciful and Most Just and His

    judgement of me is all I really care about.

    Just sayin…….

  5. Break up and go live! your life with someone who fits all your wants and desires. Never settle for someone, when you are wanting something else.

  6. your meaning of that in being indifferent meaning that like he doesn’t truly like me right? that he’s not interested and just telling me what i wanna hear or

  7. Try not to shag him into an early grave. I don't know if this will work on a woman, but have you tried distraction? Think of the least sexy thing you can think of, and focus on it. Granted the average guy would be happy to have someone as horny as you, but just try distractions to see if it helps, no harm in trying

  8. Go live! with your parents, call a lawyer and explain your situation. They'll help you divorce and file for sole custody.

    Or if you can't go to your parents, go to a shelter for women victim of domestic abuse. Just run away from him before he kills you.

    Leave this guy and ask for help. Don't tell him, wait until he's not home, pack a bag and your and the baby's papers and leave. And call the police if he finds you and threatens violence.

    No one is giving him custody of your child if you ask for help because he's been abusing you. He's the one who's in the wrong here.

  9. You're making excuses for him like with his depression. At this point it's not about what's right or who's wrong, it's already reached toxic and time to go

  10. She might have found someone, she might have already been seeing someone, she might just want to meet and hook up with new people, but what good does speculating on this do?

    Take a look at the facts she broke up with you and the relationship is done. It sucks and it hurts a lot since you spent such a huge part of life together. Your focus shouldn't be on why it should be on moving on. Focus on your hobbies, work, friends/family and get into gym/running or possibly a new hobby.

    She might want to come back to the security after she had her “fun”, I personally think it would be stupid to take her back, she has proven she ain't the life partner for you and what would happened next time she feels similarly? Focus on yourself and the right person will come in due time. Good luck

  11. Change your number. This way he can’t reach you anymore and can’t find you.

    Blocking doesn’t work cause he’ll find ways to still try to get you to unblock him.

    If you want to truly be done with him, change your damn phone number so he’s truly gone.

  12. So essentially, things that only have to be done once or very occasionally – not the grinding every day labour of cooking, cleaning, laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping etc which somehow magically seems to automatically fall to women. I guarantee this shit will get worse if you two have kids.

  13. Lol I wonder where these other girls are? Probably also got fed up with his sh*t and left. Single at 34 and no one in his age gap wants to stick around.

  14. No, it doesn’t. Why do you equate interest to worship?

    Physical appearance and genetics are part of the basis of why Hitler did what he did and are a large part of the reason we’re yapping about him still. If anything, I think you might learn some valuable history from her if that makes no sense to you.

  15. I do a lot of self introspection. If there is some truth, I work on it. If there isn't, I ignore the comment invalid criticism. Not my problem.

  16. Seems he's the definition of toxic masculinity. He needs to learn to use his words to express frustration and work towards positive outcomes with you, his loved one. Counseling often helps, I know, from working with pre teen and teen boys.

  17. It's called maturity. Causing property damage and arson because the other person cheated is immature and rash. It could land you in a cell dealing with police officials. Not normal behaviour. I never got cheated on but I'd also be doing the same. “Take your things ans go. I never wanna see you again”.

  18. I wouldn't move to a new more expensive place with her until you sit down and discuss how you know relationships to be and hearing her out on how she thinks relationships are meant to be… I would start out with, “I feel like we are experiencing some cultural differences in our relationship and I want us to talk about the role of money in relationships so we can come to a compromise between both of our expectations. For Australia, being in a relationship means that couples pay shared bills together, that are divided based on income. Individual expenses are handled individually. Dates are paid by whomever is planning, with situational exceptions. Trips are a mix of that as well.

    In the Ukraine how do couples handle thier finances, can you please lay it out for me?”

    Her explosiveness however, makes me feel like you are being used, and she is avoiding losing that… But it could just be her assuming you should know, what she inherently knows about how couples divide money.”

  19. You should not have babies until you want them and are ready. Also preferably when you’re married first. If they want Michael to have kids so bad they can give him some ??‍♀️

  20. Just dump him. It's probably more than the money anyway. There are tons of poor guys out there for you to choose from.

  21. That’s a ridiculous response. Just because he doesn’t like to have many friends doesn’t mean she shouldn’t. She probably acts clingy because in his own words, he gets mad when she starts making friends! He is the one who needs to change his behavior. He doesn’t own her.

  22. On the generous side of interpretation…you’re young: maybe he‘s been spooked by all the messaging about consent and doesn’t have enough life experience to navigate it.

    Now for the B side…also, how can either of you expect to know what future events you will or won’t consent to? Does he think you signing this paper is his get out of jail free card for shitty things he thinks he might do or plans to do?

    This is a convo you should be having with him and not us.

  23. Info: does she know you saw these texts? Have you discussed it with her?

    I think you’re right to have concerns about trusting her.

    Listen to your gut and don’t talk yourself into ignoring this or “getting over it” without discussing it with your wife.

    She’s obviously still got some kind of involvement with this guy. She’s “invested,” as you described it.

  24. I’ve been in a relationship like this. My ex would bend over backwards for anyone, but would basically pretend I didn’t exist when we were in a group of people. It only got worse, even when I stood up for myself. I only wish I had seen it as the disrespect it clearly was, and had left sooner.


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