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  1. Maybe. Its impossible for us to know his intentions but the fact is that he is crossing a bridge that has no business being crossed at such an early stage is certainly a warning sign. It comes across as a bribe so you would consider dating him over someone else who might be better suited to you on an emotional level.

  2. Thank you! I'm gonna go check the churches website and see if they have anything about it. Your comments going to help a lot! Thank you again!

  3. Go back to your home state ! He WON’T be your support system and having a newborn as a first time mom is intense you will need all the help you can get .

  4. The short answer? Boys are dumb 🙂

    He’s young and immature and probably just got caught up in the moment and wanted to play it cool or didn’t want to make things awkward, and he didn’t think it through / wasn’t considering your feelings.

    It sounds like he didn’t intentionally do something that would make you uncomfortable, but it’s totally valid to tell him that it did and ask him to try to look at things from your perspective in the future.

    If I were in a similar situation I agree with the comment above; I’d forgive this mistake, communicate clearly that it bothered me and why and how I would prefer something like that to be handled, and give him a bit of grace.

    Hopefully he will do better in the future, and if not, you reassess.

    FWIW my parents are in their mid-60s and my mom still calls me sometimes like “your father did such-and-such dumb thing, WTF is wrong with him”. Lol. Most men do get a lot better about doing the dumb shit as they mature though – there is hope! 🙂

  5. This guy is straight up telling you he doesn’t feel it for you. If you want a committed relationship, it’s not going to be with him and he’s said so. I’m sure he does enjoy you and care for you just as he said. However, the situation is not going to change no matter how much you hang in there. I commend him for being so straightforward as to give no feelings of ambiguity. I’m

    If you can be friends, then remain friends. If you want more (and you do) then you probably need to step back.

  6. This is a person that will never care for you. Ever. He doesn't want to and you can't convince him to stop doing what he's doing because he doesn't want to and will never want to. If you are seriously sick at some point in your life, you won't be able to rely on his help, he just decided he will never do that and doesn't want to and there's no convincing to do because you can't force other people to want things that they don't want to.

    If you don't want to break up with him over this, it's fine but you have to accept that this is how he is and when you need support, you will have to find support somewhere else, not with him, he won't be there for you, end of story. But keep in mind this as well: I don't know if you're planning to have children in the future with this man, but if you do, and your children are sick, this man will not take care of your sick children. If you happen to be sick at the same time as your child is sick, it will be YOU the person that has to get up no matter how bad are you feeling, and care for your child, and care for you yourself, he will not. This is what happened to my mother, I was sick very frequently when I was a child (15 days fine and then 15 days sick, all my childhood since I was 5 months old to about 11 years old) and not once, not one singular time, ever, did my father care for me, not even to bring me a glass of water when I was unable to get up from bed and my mom had the flu or something else… my mom with fever as high as 39°C had to get up from bed and get me water, this man who she married was totally unwilling although he was not sick (and sometimes he did pretend to be sick but clearly he wasn't).

  7. It sounds like this relationship has run its course, to say the least. You aren't compatible. How naked will it be to extricate yourself from this relationship?

  8. It was clearly a joke because you said you wouldn’t want to be proposed to in an olive garden as a joke. He probably hasn’t learned how to sort his filter properly but I can assure this is how me and my friends escalate stuff with each other. Yeah it’s not ideal what he said but like if this behaviour is a one off and not the norm then ignore it but if it isn’t that’s when you should worry and slowly exit yourself.

  9. And when he said that I didn't know him at work the same way he “didn't know or care what I said away from him” really showed that I didn't know him or this side of him apparently. Everything seemed to be going great when he showed me the written review of his training assignment that came back really well, but was probably destroyed because of what he did

  10. If you are in the United States you can go to a child support calculator for your state. I am not sure how other countries do it.

    I would insist on a paternity test and coparenting/custody agreement also. If no DNA test I wouldn't assume it was mine.

  11. This really isn’t something that can be answered as a generalization, but more detail is needed anyway.

    What makes you describe her as extroverted (she might objectively be an extrovert, but I want I understand how you know that’s the case)? How long have you known her? How long have you known the friend group? At what point from when you met her did she start acting shy?

    Extroverts can certainly have shy moments. She might very well be interested in you. She might also be showing no signs at all. We just need more details.

    It wouldn’t make much sense to give you general advice. I have to assume you’re into this woman. If so, let’s focus on this specific situation.

  12. 1) no, you did invade her privacy. Ids are exchanged in relationships in the basis of consent. But that's not the main issue here 2) just tell her. Honesty. Directness. 3) well shit like this validates that concern 4) this coupled with your distrust is not grounds for a solid relationship

  13. Are you sure you're really happy with him? It doesn't sound that way from your post… you said you “cry at some point” whenever you're together. That sucks! That's a bad relationship.

    I get where you're coming from. This is your first real serious relationship so you don't want to end it even though you everyone's telling you to and deep down you probably know you have to. I've been there. They are right.

    You are young. Too young to be putting yourself through pain in a toxic relationship. Time to end it, cut contact, and move on to better things. You'll be ok

  14. I’ve always just brushed him off and laughed about it

    Girl, you gotta be straight up HONEST with your feelings on this. Make your boundary KNOWN to your husband. Insist you want to wait. Don't allow him to coerce you into something that you aren't ready for/something you may regret.

    Your husband should listen and absolutely take your feelings and concerns SERIOUSLY.

  15. Yeah, packing your shit up and leaving sounds like a completely valid response.

    The carelessness of a loaded gun being treated so casually is a valid reason to be upset.

    Its a danger to everyone in the house.

    Like dude, wtf, you can't leave a loaded gun on the couch and not think there is anything wrong with that… Leaving it in a spot where people walk.

    Your husband is a moron.

  16. I’d probably get divorce papers drawn up and get a plan for a new bedroom being set up and once he inevitably goes to cost her, move everything out from your room and into the new space for yourself (get a lock!) and just leave the house and have the papers sitting on the bed and a note saying, “I’m aware of how you feel about (woman). I am not going to be second place in my own marriage. Whatever you wish to happen between you two, you’re now free to explore.”

    And then I would leave for a hotel/spa for a night just to make him wonder where you are and also to avoid the immediate reaction he’s bound to have.

  17. I mean the rate of cheating for professional athletes is insane. Add that to the fact you both barely know each other, it’s probably not even worth putting any effort into tbh.

  18. Your feelings are valid. Most of us have insecurities eating us from the inside.

    But you have to recognize what you are doing is unhealthy and that you have to stop.


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