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3 thoughts on “Katypetite online sex cams for YOU!

  1. “I told him he was born without empathy”

    If you truly and sincerely belive that, my dude, he is not going to spontaneously learn it.

    I dated a guy that I used to joke about not having empathy. It stops being funny REAL fast

  2. Do the guy a solid and tell him… she cheated on you and will probably cheat on him too. That’s being the “bigger man” by picking a path for least pain by all. If he doesn’t care then atleast you tried…

  3. Be rest assured that you assessed the situation correctly. He should not be hugging you, touching your leg, neck or back or telling you you're gorgeous. That's all incredibly unprofessional behavior, not to mention disrespectful as hell to his wife.

    I know it's really very hot being a young woman in one of your first jobs, standing up to a man 30 years your senior who's sexually harassing you with a fatherly smile on his face. He has you second guessing yourself that maybe you're just naive and don't know the ways of the world yet. Nope. This is wrong. Do not feel bad at all for reporting him.


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