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  1. Not wrong if it’s exactly what you are doing. Stop being one of those backwoods people and be an adult and see how you are not making this relationship good. You are destroying it. She isn’t. Get therapy.

  2. My first reaction was that your parents are emotionally abusing you. They literally caused you to spiral into anorexia.

    But it sounds like your mother, at least, is finally paying attention.

    I think what you should look into is if your school's mental health program can get you regular outpatient appointments with a therapist. ED recovery is a long term thing, and you don't have to go through it alone.

    Also, your parents should see a dietician if possible. You might think about one for yourself. Dieticians are certified to treat food related disorders, including EDs.

  3. Personally, I don’t think you should involve family. Instead, an unbiased third party, like a couples therapist.

  4. My parents had a similar problem, my mom was doing all the work and dad wasn't helping out, she confronted him, stated the obvious and told him if he wasn't going to consider helping out then he should leave her house until he wanted to pay his own way, (he was gone for 3 days) I think confronting him would help. I think he is stressed out because he hasn't planned anything out yet and nothing he wanted went as he thought it would. I think you should ask and help him as a supportive gf and try to make out a plan that he could follow instead of ask him what he's going to do. Sometimes they need a multiple choice quiz and not a short answer one lol! (Being a guy myself I should know)

  5. Sure your sister is a cheater and sure you disapprove but it’s not your business to tell. If he was your childhood friend, brother of your SO, a wounded widower, newly divorced…. Yes, I would applaud you telling him she’s a cheater. You gave no reason except you’ve known him a year but you’ve known your sister longer. It’s a delicate situation and you heavily impacted their relationship. It’s really a lose-lose situation and you will probably be blamed if things go south. Since he’s still asking you questions try pushing back and saying he needs to speak to sis. Be honest and let him know things between you and sis are rocky. Also talk to your sister (well try to) and suggest therapy to find out why she is sabotaging her relationships.

  6. Marriage counseling.

    But more importantly, this is what qualifies as well off now:

    he is VERY well off… has a million dollar home in a major US city

    That is pretty much the going rate for a small-medium home in a major metro city. San Francisco, NYC, LA, it would be closer to 3 million for a nice house.

  7. Doesn’t your gf understand frenemies? I guess she’s just been brainwashed over the years by this awful person. She was present at your childs birth, told your gf lies about you AT THE BIRTH, AND slandered you to hospital staff during the birth? FFAARRRKKKKK, I can’t even imagine. SO TOXIC. Maybe show yr gf this thread? And some other abuse materials? That frenemy is going to ruin her life – ALMOST ALREADY DID. And her (your) childs. Block the friend. NO WAY would I permit that person anywhere near my residence ever again. EVER. Good luck mate!

  8. I’m kinda with hubby on this— I can’t put my finger on why, but the gift wouldn’t make me feel great and even less so if it was up on my wall.

  9. Listen it’s not easy. Everyone here can give you all the advice in the world but it doesn’t make walking away from someone you love any easier. My only question is this?

    How many times are you going to let her fuck you over and make a fool of you? Because make no mistake, that’s what she’s doing. And that’s simply a lack of respect. She had him saved under a different name and was texting him about what? Premier League clubs? The new MLB season? Come on. I’m not advising you to NOT give her yet another chance, I just hope you understand that this will happen again.

  10. it is a 30 minute bus ride to an orphanage that ostensibly isn't turning the people away. If the orphanage wants them to come, who the fuck are you to demonize someone that is going to a place that is accepting the help?

  11. If men don't want their relationships to be transactional, they're should probably not be invoicing their girlfriends

  12. I’m so sorry this happened to you. One of the worst feelings in the world. ? I hope you can leave him, he doesn’t deserve to have you in his life in any way.

  13. He stole from you! He needs to return your money asap and you need to change your login in so he no longer has access.


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