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  1. Yes that’s right we need a little more information but i still think that the whole story sounds fishy. I would say cutting of the friendship is a little harsh but his best friend knows that he is in a relationship and still don’t want to meet her or make her comfortable with her friendship with his boyfriend and that alone is a red flag to me.

  2. He’s not sorry that he broke your heart. He’s sorry that you know and that he’s going to lose his career (as he should).

  3. It’s like the entire essence of a woman’s life is to provide free labor to everyone but herself. Whether it is as a daughter, wife, or grandmother. With the rise of new age practices like ancestor worship, there is no guarantee that you’ll even be left alone when you’re dead. It’s exhausting.

    Op, always remember that NO is a complete sentence.

  4. Wow. Um.

    Sounds like you need to do what you don’t want to do: tell your wife. She does NOT deserves this, and neither does your SIL’s wife. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. You’ll have to understand there most likely will be resentment, anger, immense hurt, and a feeling of disrespect (understatement for your wife).

    Not only that, but start thinking of how you will want to explain it to your daughter once she’s old enough, if your wife (or possibly ex wife at that point in her life) will explain it to her. But do NOT tell your daughter without her mother’s permission, especially since it could lead to issues down the road if she is exposed too soon. Did you even consider the fact that this relationship would affect your 3 year old daughter?

    Either way, no matter the end results, you need to tell your wife. Sooner rather than later. Your wife will feel extremely betrayed, there’s no doubt about that.

  5. It's petty as all hell but fuck it. You cook dinner out of your love for him and right now he's not being a nice and you aren't feeling particularly loving. He can sort his own damn dinner.

    I once had an argument with my ex while doing the weekly shop. Bought mint shower gel knowing it will tingle when he washed. Hearing him shout the next day was funny as fuck

  6. What are you talking about “who knows how she got it” read the op. No it’s not some unsolicited dick pic, it the dick pic of the guy their mutual friend is seeing who’s freaky in bed. Jesus he literally says that in the first sentence. That’s why it’s sketch because they’re passing around a private pic that was most likely not meant to be shown to the whole friend group.

    You really need to practice your reading comprehension.

  7. Women will accept pretty much any man as long as he treats her right. How do I know this? Well…look around, most women don’t end up with Prince Charming.

    If a heterosexual man is having trouble on the dating scene he’s either treating women rudely and disrespectfully or only going for women who are out of his league.

  8. Just wait it out. They’ll break up eventually. Just remember if they will cheat with you they will cheat on you.

  9. First paragraph was only needed. While yes, as someone who has multiple mental issues, it's always important to ask someone else if they can handle your load of crap. However, sometimes it's too heavy to carry, and to ask only puts oneself in danger(go ahead and ask me how i know. Please don't, you might cry.) She may have not known how to ask or even didn't want to bother asking because she was afraid of rejection.

    DO NOT GO DOWN THE PATH OF REJECTION! I stopped talking to my brother because I didn't want to hear his problems. 6 years later and he's been 6 feet under for 4. Do not take this path. Please.

  10. That’s very normal to want to be home, and decompress, and just be alone after a week especially.

  11. Ignore this poster. The issue was never you not being interesting or mature enough. Your predator boyfriend sought out a teenager on purpose… because HE is lacking.

    Glad you came to the right conclusion.

  12. I think he is settling for me, in his mind. I think he knows that since we are both disabled we both have issues and that he has to try and work with mine since he has several of his own.


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