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Model from:

Languages: en,de,fr

Birth Date: 1992-10-07

Body Type: bodyTypeAthletic

Ethnicity: ethnicityEbony

Hair color: hairColorRed

Eyes color: eyeColorBlack

Subculture: subcultureGamers

2 thoughts on “JosyBlacklive sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. It’s not going to get better.

    He was in his 30s and got with a teenager (19 is still a teen).

    30 year old men don’t date 18 and 19 year olds because they’re so wonderful. They date them because that’s as young as they can go without getting in legal trouble.

    You’ve aged out of what he likes. I guarantee if/when you guys divorce, his next wife is going to be the same age as you were.

  2. obviously there are dumbasses in every comment section on posts like this who apply some kind of moral value to sex toys, but the majority of rational people aren’t going to assume that a guy using a fleshlight or dildo on himself is cheating on someone. it’s pretty much the opposite of cheating since he would just be fucking himself


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