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Jane, 24 y.o.


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3 thoughts on “Jane the hard live! sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. He's trying to manipulate you into sex, he's trying to coerce you into sex aka without consent basically.

    Fuck him – he is an asshole!

  2. Sunk cost fallacy. You feel obligated to invest more rather than lose what you’ve already invested so you continue but it will cause you to lose all those investments plus more you will make afterwards that may indeed total up to more than you’ve already invested initially (I.e. kids, cars, divorce settlements, houses, custody battles). Is this truly who you want a future with? Because I don’t see any good or happy future here. Projecting wrong doings is the sign of a narcissist who doesn’t want to change or do better.

  3. were so conditioned into thinking partnership means being together all the time (and even in that conditioning nothing like this extent) I feel like the wording ” i haven't been allowed alone time” freaks me out….. i would figure out how you want your life to look, hold that image clear in your head and break up with him in public. When he tells you that you cant break up with him, or if he threatens to kill himself or something, remember people are responsible for their own emotions. You are not responsible for him. You're not his mom. You're responsible for building a life that makes you happy


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