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3 thoughts on “Im-alexis on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. Manipulation at its finest,.. move on, find someone that will actually value you, want you, will take care of you… Whether you were together or not, her calling you back over and over, especially after she was with another guy already..? F$&K THAT! NEEEXXXT!

  2. Urine smells in sweat might be a sign of kidney issues or possible diabetes, it may have gone away if he has fluctuated in his sugar level or his kidneys were coping for a short period.

    The first thing is to go to the doctor. All you need to say is, I have noticed this smell and I know it isn't your hygiene, I want you to see a doctor to rule out anything serious then we can work out together what's going on if the nasties are ruled out.

    It's clear you love him and are worried about his feelings, I'm sure he will appreciate your honesty and just reassure him that you don't love him any less and it's coming from concern over disgust. Hope all goes well and it's a simple answer OP


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