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  1. That’s why I’m wondering. Because it could have fallen out of a pants pocket or something that was out in the laundry hamper. He claims that he dropped a towel the other day behind the toilet and that his only thought is perhaps the condom wrapper was there and got on the towel which is why it moved

  2. If I'm tossing and turning, I 100% leave the bed to give my partner a decent night sleep. It's not HER fault that it's 3:30 and I'm wide awake.

  3. He said his sisters name during foreplay?

    Did you ever tell him why you wanted the break and what’s been bothering you

  4. If there is someone you can't trust and do nit want to build future with it would her. If yoy stay you eill deeply regret it. Be smart before making mistake not after.

  5. You are only 22 years old, why are you putting up with this? Leave this insecure, manipulative lunatic and go enjoy your life. You can find an emotionally mature partner somewhere else in the future.

  6. I'll be the one to say it, 13 years is a big gap. Us in our 40s tend to be a little more set in our ways. I know it's a struggle for me to call someone “just because”. If something happens I want to talk to my wife about, I'll definitely call, but I don't really call just because. When I'm away from home we make a point to call every night to say good night and I love you, but these are usually less than 5 minute calls unless something really interesting happened. I don't know where your at in your relationship, but maybe if you're not at that point yet, he doesn't feel the need.

  7. Start putting yourself first.

    If I were you, I would have left long ago, IDK how you tolerate this kind of bullshit.

    IF she was raped, now you will have to deal with the consequences of her own actions and put out with the trauma than her alcoholism and the assault caused to her.

    If she was not raped, you will tolerate an alcoholic who doesnt even have an ounce of respect for you to keep her legs closed.

  8. 1.) I definitely cannot support myself financially yet 2.) freshman in college but technically a sophomore based off of credit hours. 3.) me and my family are Christians (non-denominational) and my gf is raised Judeo Christian but is an atheist. 4.) my parents dislike her because they think that “I could do better” (I definitely can’t) 5.) I pretty much have to rely on them but that’s because I made poor choices financially in the past.

  9. You will waste more effort on his behalf at your expense. Just leave and block him. There are no explanations necessary because he does not value you. Any love or care cannot change that fact. I wish you wonderful days ahead without him.

  10. Drop the driving issue. You're getting chauffeured because you choose not to drive (and wtf, the pandemic was the perfect time to practice, so few cars on the roads), if you did drive maybe you and Rosie would've been taking turns all along. As you said, 5 hours of driving in a day is a lot.

    The food issue is best discussed organically, rather than as a “you're too cheap to feed us” confrontation. Like for ex when she said the rest of the stew was going in the freezer, that's absolutely a great time to say “oh it's awesome that you have more, could I have seconds because I'm still pretty hungry.” Now, if she refused at that point, opening up the conversation further along the lines of portion sizes might have worked.

    I'm not sure your halfway idea will work. My guess is that Anne won't attend, and Rosie might still go to her place. You'll see them if either Rosie or you are hosting.

  11. First you need to tell your current boyfriend that he can not expect that your ex lover just vanishes from this world. He will see him and he will meet him, which should not make him frustrated everytime it happens.

    Secondly you need to show your boyfriend that there is no reason to fear your friendship with your ex partner. He fears that something will happen between you and your ex either out of old feeling, a escalating situation or real emotions between you.

    I would put up strict boundaries and tell your boyfriend what they are:

    1) Full transparecy about everything regarding your ex. This means that you tell him when you meet him and what you are communicating about (directly/by phone/ etc)

    2) No secret meetings (or lying to him about a meeting). If possible prevent any meeting where you are alone and in a nonpublic place

    3) You are not his support if he is heartbroken or if he need romantic/relationship support. And the other way around.

    4) No physical contact in any way outside of friendly touches (hugging to greet, a quick pat on the back, etc.)

    5) If there were any “routines” between you and your ex do not fall back into them.

    If you feel that any of these rules are getting broken, you tell your current boyfriend and pull back from the friendship. There are no exceptions from these rules.

  12. This isn't a normal adult relationship. I'm gonna brag a little about my fiance but he's the type of guy to encourage me to go out and see friends or family, he makes the effort to get to know everyone around me and if I'd told him I'd be round at a certain time I wasn't, the only reason he'd have any form of tone when I rang is cus he'd be worried and would still be hyped to see me. There are absolute gentlemen out there that'll give you a princess complex, but you gotta cut this manchild out first. (I'd also look at why he can't get women his age and has to go a lot younger to find a partner, red flag)


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