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  1. I have no idea if I’ll find better than this. I’ve been in 3 relationships before this and I’ve either been sexually assaulted or cheated on

  2. If she used your phone to see something private, then yes. I understand that you find this icky, but this is the equivalent of her watching a video clip of you that someone (or yourself) posted on social media. Or overhearing a conversation of yours with someone. Or being upset she saw your appointment dates on your wall calendar. I was raised to automatically think someone would see/hear/know things about me if I did them anywhere other than a private room. There is nothing private once you involve another person/people. So, I conduct myself accordingly.

  3. So, instead of waiting for her you need to leave. She won’t change if she knows there will be no consequences. Stop waiting for her, if she can arrive on time for work she can arrive on time for family, friends, and you.

  4. You know what? Do it. Tell her what you want to do. Hopefully this will be the final nail in the coffin and she’ll leave your ass

  5. It's all very real! I'm sure more context would help you see her in a more positive light, but at the end of the day that doesn't matter. Something has to change and it certainly will. I can't be idle any longer.

  6. You feel like it's being “entitled” to not want sex? How about he has an entitlement issue thinking he's entitled to sex whenever, regardless of your state of mind/state of health?

    And even if it's his only fault, it's a pretty big one. If he gets you pregnant, is he going to insist on his so-called “marital rights” even when you're so big you can't see your feet and you don't feel comfy in any position at night? Is he going to insist on the same when you're exhausted from a baby that just cant get off to sleep at 2am?

    A guy who feels like he's entitled to sex is not a great guy. He's selfish, misogynist, non-empathetic, often a narcissist. The kind of guy that you very quickly regret marrying, especially when you see your other young friends out having fun with guys who don't pressure them into sex when it's painful or they don't feel like it.

    If he's pressuring you into having sex, your consent has not been freely given, which means he's raping you.

  7. I agree it's weak; but it's not just the sexual stuff. She was living this whole fantasy relationship. The relationship she wants ours to be. It sucks, and she should have just communicated with me. But it wasn't just the sexual aspects.

  8. It's not from anywhere. From what I have been able to search cheating is fairly equal between men and women, women just get caught less. OP just needed to sound authoritative.

  9. Is this actually about ketchup? Is it maybe that he thinks you are wasteful/extravagant in general? Are you guys just not good at sharing? Is this the first time he saw you eat ketchup this way?

    You guys might want to look at your confrontation styles. And how to respectfully bring up issues without it turning into a blow up

  10. I think that’s totally fine! That’s not a large age difference and you’re not her professor or boss.

  11. Do you think risking your friendship is worth it by pursuing his sister?

    Personally, i don't understand the issue. My brother has dated a couple of my friends and I dated a couple of his friends. Some of the friendships where lost but due to the ex's behavior. Otherwise we've remained friends with them. I really don't understand being that involved in siblings or friends relationships either yet my brother and I are close.

  12. Who cares? This was a million years ago. Get over it – get some therapy if you can't stop obsessing over your wife's body count. You seem to be forgetting that she's been loyal to you for nearly a decade. Like – why is your “place number” so important to you when it's objectively and absolutely unimportant overall? Do you feel like you went from silver medal to bronze??

  13. We both work.

    Generally, a dad is going to have a hard time telling friends and family he isn't working and relies on the wife's income while he raises kids.

    I don't know why Reddit is having an allergic reaction to a pretty well observed biases society still holds against SAHDs.

    Are they celebrated where you come from? I've never known a country that outwardly supports men staying home.

  14. It’s just a fact that you CANNOT know someone well within a month or 2. Heck, you might not truly know someone, after a whole year. The only way to truly “know” someone, is to live with them for at least a year. It gets infinitely harder to hide true character flaws, when someone has 24/7 access to you. You get to see them when they’re tired, or sick, or stressed, or whatever else life throws at them, and how they handle those challenges, while relating to you. You should never, ever jump into living with someone too soon, because it can give them access to ways to control/abuse you, but by that same logic, you should absolutely not tie yourself, legally, to someone you don’t 100% truly know, either. It’s hot enough to get out of a bad “living” situation with someone you aren’t “legally” bound to, that taking that step should definitely give you pause, and make you question if this is truly the best path. If you have even the slightest doubt, you should back off, and truly consider what that might mean.

    So, so many people (especially women) come here asking for advice about abusive/love bombing/ rushing/controlling partners (especially when there’s a significant age gap) that it almost seems like it should be common knowledge, to stay away from manipulating/controlling/ love bombing (rushing) partners. But everyone thinks their relationship/experience is unique. Spoiler alert: it’s not. Older people, preying on younger partners? Common. Controlling people isolating/abusing their partners? Common. Love bombing partners, who’s entire character/demeanor flips, as soon as you’re “locked down” in a relationship/pregnancy/engagement/marriage/home purchase? Common, among abusive partners. The only way to protect yourself, is to refuse to tolerate anything that makes you uncomfortable, like that. If you communicated a behavior was a dealbreaker, and that behavior happens? You absolutely need to walk completely away, immediately. That’s what “dealbreaker” means. They do the behavior, you “break the deal” of a relationship. If you’re not 100% willing/and actively walking away if said behavior occurs, then it’s not actually a “dealbreaker” and you don’t actually have good self esteem, or are willing to stand up, for yourself.

    The entire key to your happiness, long term, is a healthy dose of self esteem. Have standards, and dealbreakers, and abide by them. Someone can seem perfect, for months, because its not that naked to keep the mask up, for occasional meetings. It gets much harder to maintain the facade, when the other person is always around, sharing a living space, and seeing you, at your lowest points. That’s the marker, by which you rate your partner on the compatibility scale. Not the early, honeymoon phase, where everyone is on their best behavior, to seal the deal. You need to truly see them, at their lowest, to truly form an informed opinion about the true state of your relationship. And if it’s anything less than “makes me truly happy” then it’s not worth your time/effort. Relationships shouldn’t actually be hard. Truly good, healthy, happy relationships, add to your daily life, not make it harder. If your relationship brings you strife/grief most of the time, then it’s not a healthy/happy one, and you should walk away


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